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WhatsApp Chat with Auntie Noe - 'Hubby not taking care of my needs'

by Nobuhle Virgie
18 Aug 2014 at 13:02hrs | Views
5:57am, 18 Aug - +27 77 *** ****: Hie aunt noe thnk u so much fr ur page, mina ngilendoda engafuni ukuthi ngisebenze yet hez nt taking care of my nids hw do i stand out to him?

6:33am, 18 Aug - Auntie Noe: Good Morning dear! - You have to understand there are guys out there who still find security in being the "Man Of The House" They would do just anything to feel as such and they think being a PROVIDER makes one King. They feel threatened by a woman who can provide for her self.

Then there are some guys who are just too controlling cause of their own insecurities, they would do anything to suppress you and whatever goals you have cause they feel threatened, they always fear other man will also be attracted to you and therefore lose you.

So dear I doubt anyone can ever change the men I mentioned above. If you are married I would suggested that you go and see your in-laws and talk to someone he listens to better, maybe he will eventually see the light. If  its because of security reasons then I suggest you try to be submissive to him always. Never give him a reason to doubt you. Give him as much RESPECT as possible even if he least deserves it, then talk things over with him.

If you are not married but staying together try and talk to him, if that still doesn't work the best you can do is move out. Like i said you can't change a man, if he's suppressing you now, what more can he do if you guys are married?

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