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A chat with Auntie Noe - Does size really matter?

by Nobuhle Virgie
14 Jul 2016 at 18:27hrs | Views
Yes of course size does really matter, most people would say! The sad truth however is that sexual organs, how we look, complexion are truly none of our choices, that having been said it becomes unfair to blame someone for the size, colour or shape of their body. Whilst when talking its far much easier to talk of the possibilities and capabilities of having a bigger weapon it is also good to look at the art of war. In war it is the aim of the fighting sides to kill destroy and defeat the enemy at all costs. When soldiers are being trained they train in different skills of war and are armed differently. The aim of all soldiers will be to defeat the enemy.

During a war its not uncommon during the battle for armed soldiers to engage in several tactics to achieve the defeat of their enemies, when you are far use a rifle, the closer you get a pistol and when ammunition runs out unarmed combat! Sex is the same the idea of sex is to satisfy your partner unfortunately most people do it to satisfy themselves.

Take a look at the weapons at your disposal and plan the battle accordingly. Therefore it is safe to say that the biggest weapons we have are the brains. There are a lot of things which need to be considered when you are planning to have sex inorder to satisfy your partner, if you are a man the first thing you plan is to have a venue where your partner will be comfortable and you are likely to have less disturbances, make the room clean and add some music that you like and that she likes as well. Make her comfortable and get her in the mood, every move must be calculated and you must be able to answer her questions even if you don't know the answers be confident, be the type of man who knows what he wants and how to get; confidence is a turn on. Take a bath and brush your teeth before trying to get close to a woman.

Good romance is key use your hands and mouth all over her body. The idea is to turn her on not to turn yourself on. A man can easily get ready but make sure she is ready, this can be evident by her breathing which becomes rapid and shallow, some even hold their breath and breath in gasps, her heartbeat becomes fast, her eyes become drowsy as if she is sleepy, her joints become weak and her womanhood becomes wet, very wet. This can be achieved by just a whisper into her ear whilst holding her close to you. Avoid the obvious places, the breasts and her secret place, allow for her desire to build by brushing her palms in yours, kissing her neck and collarbone, nibbling her earlobes in between your lips, running your hands gently over her body.....there is no mistaking it if you do it right! When she gets into the mood slowly and deliberately go for the killer zones, trust your instincts and stick to your plan, romance can be nice and soft, sometimes hard almost rough and otherwise kinky and wild. Get her undressed the same way according to your plan, some like a guy who literally tears their clothes off them but most like it nice and tender kissing every part of her body as it becomes exposed, concentrate mostly on the parts of the body that are not constantly in touch with clothing e.g the back part of her thighs. Romance must be punctuated with moans, groans, sighs and whispers. When she is undressed stick to your plan and then use your mouth and hands on her sensitive positions it is not uncommon for a woman to reach org*sm during good romance. From then on size will not matter much, if you can get her to org*sm you will have achieved the goal now you can build on that. Being comfortable with your size is important, depending on your size there are certain positions that afford deepest penetration for those not so well endowed, there are positions that limit penetration for those who wield big sexual organs.

Positions and techniques should be combined to build and consolidate on the goal of sexually satisfying your partner. It is important to note that sometimes that a woman needs not to open her legs wider at times she needs to close them a bit till you find where she really feels it, the man needs to adjust his angle of penetration instead of shucking in and out he needs to lower himself or raise his body sliding up and down and sideways to reach different angles. Also change positions.

The speed needs to be adjusted in order to last longer, some women respond to slow tantalizing thrusts compared to the rabbit speed. As you get used to each other communicate, listen and observe also talk. Some women for fear of offending her man can fake or confess to having an org*sm but this can easily be proved by observation e.g does she wipe herself afterwards, is your member coated with her cum, does she compliment you e.t.c I should say that the womanhood is very sensitive one and half inches from the opening from there it no longer becomes one hole, insert your finger and half turn it and feel inside the all angles of the womanhood it grows in every direction so even one who has a big organ cannot reach all the angles by a straight thrust.

When you are fingering her reach for those areas your manhood can't reach at the same time stimulate the clitoris, you can be assured that you will be giving her a sensation which no size cannot compete with. Even if you have a big house you can one be in one room at a time. Women sometimes pleasure themselves using their finger so if your member is bigger than a finger then you can satisfy your woman. If you are a soldier with a pistol then you need good skirmishing skills till you get within range. Its not about quantity but quality, its not about how many rounds you can do but how many times you can make her cum a woman can be comfortable having a single satisfying round than a lot of sex that won't make her cum. The whole point is to satisfy your partner. Even if its small make sure its erect watch what you eat drink lots of water, eat fruits and exercise. Does size really matter, maybe but satisfying your partner matters a lot.

Source - Nobuhle Virgie