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5 of the most expensive apartments throughout the world

by Staff reporter
04 Feb 2019 at 21:21hrs | Views
Today's luxury apartments are designed to provide you with ample space, top amenities, beautifully appointed rooms and balconies, flawless landscaping, stunning views and other features all in a prized location. The demand for rich luxury apartments with lavish amenities is increasing, and the price for these opulent retreats is soaring. Architects and designers are constantly seeking new ways to satisfy the desires of the super wealthy.

Calacatta marble features are one of today's hottest trends in luxury living in spite of the high price. Calacatta is an exotic natural stone found only in Italy's Apuan Mountains. Each mountain produces its own unique type of stone, so what distinguishes the Calacatta from others is the vivid white, the uniformity of the veining, and the consistent, brilliant pattern. Gemstone countertops are another major trend. Rich gemstones and semi-precious stones offer an exciting alternative to conventional countertops. The applications are nearly endless, with expensive gemstone being used as bathroom countertops, counters in kitchens, rich wallcoverings, bar surfaces and flooring.

These five chart-topping apartments offer these luxuries as well as plenty of space, a convenient location and all the comforts anyone could want, from spas, gyms, bowling alleys, pools and private cinemas. While the price might seem steep, the expensive, exclusive nature of each living space is part of their appeal.

  1. South Bank Tower London
Price: $3,300 per square foot

The South Bank is one of London's hottest, as well as priciest districts, stretching two miles along the River Thames. Home to some of the most iconic buildings in the city if not the world, the South Bank is home to Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Hayward Gallery as well as the gorgeous South Bank Tower.

The Tower was designed by architect Richard Seifert, who is perhaps best known for Centrepoint Tower and Tower 42. Today, the 36-story tower is home to numerous retail and costly dining establishments in the base and more than 170 apartments, including this stunning beauty, whose price reflects its exclusivity.

This expensive South Bank Tower penthouse takes luxury to the next level. From its unparalleled views of the River Thames to its private terraces, every square inch of this premier apartment offers sublime amenities guaranteed to take your breath away. Part of the "Black Edition" collection, the costly apartment features three spacious bedrooms, each with its own extravagant bathroom. The lustrous Calacatta marble and custom fixtures really set this place apart.

Crisp white walls add to the expansive, expensive feeling of the apartment while blonde wood floors keep things light and fresh. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure plentiful natural light, and large walk-in closets offer ample storage space and maximum convenience. The costly kitchen has no expense spared with its Calacatta marble countertops and sleek, modern appliances with the most advanced home technology available on the market today and natural stone flooring.

With more than 2,700 square feet, this expensive luxury suite offers plenty of room for residents and their guests as well as air conditioning, a private gym, a swimming pool and communal rooftop gardens with rich natural stone and marble fixtures. Residents can also take advantage of a private cinema, winter garden and a bespoke concierge service that has been called the best in London.

  1. Tour Odeon, Monaco

Price: $8,900 per square foot

Set like a jewel just off the brilliant Mediterranean Sea, the Tour Odeon tower rises 49 floors above the center of Monaco with 70 of the most luxurious apartments in the world. This double skyscraper has a brilliant mirror-like surface thanks to the sparkling glass that encases it. The rich entrance is marked by beautiful sculptures by Mateo Mornar, the French artist. The credit for the communal spaces and lobby go to Alberto Pinto, a master of interior design.

The crowning glory of the Tour Odeon is the stunning but costly apartment that extends throughout all four top floors of the tower. This expensive sky penthouse has everything anyone could ever desire, including floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic coastline views and tranquil private natural stone terraces that welcome the warmth of the sun.

From the moment you enter, you will be enveloped by ultimate luxury. The costly penthouse offers 360-degree views of the ocean and a village as well as allows you to bask in glorious sunshine from virtually every room in the apartment. The expansive great room leads into the more private areas of the home, including the exquisitely appointed bathroom with rich Calacatta marble baths and sinks, to the wonder of technology that is the fully-stocked, perfectly designed kitchen. The bedrooms and guest bedroom are spacious with plenty of storage room while the private home office has all the necessities for working from home or just relaxing.

The real sparkle in the midst of this costly gem is the rooftop deck. A rich infinity pool is gently nestled between the towers with a one-story glass water slide descending from above. The deck features exotic plants and the finest natural stone pavers available, which are expensive but worth every penny.

This magnificent penthouse also comes equipped with all the costly amenities a person could want, including constant concierge service, chauffeured limousine services, valet and dry cleaning services and daily housekeeping, all of which are accessible at the touch of a screen. The Tour Odeon is also home to a full-service business center, bar, private cinema, fitness center, spa and cafe for its residents' enjoyment. While the price might be out of reach of the average person, for those who are truly rich, it's likely an investment in opulence and comfort.

  1. 432 Park Avenue, New York City

Price: $6,742 per square foot

432 Park Avenue now occupies the footprint once occupied by the historic Drake Hotel and is considered to be one of New York City's most valuable real estate developments. Designed by Rafael Vinoly, an internationally renowned architect, the tower includes 84 stories with 104 expensive luxury apartments. The tallest residential building not just in New York but in the entire Western Hemisphere, 432 Park Avenue marries style and sophistication with luxurious comfort and all the costly amenities you crave. while it might seem expensive, the sumptuous lifestyle it ensures will be well worth the price.

The costly penthouse, designed for the wealthiest of the wealthy, features a personal elevator landing for the security and privacy of its residents. Massive windows offer an incredible view of New York's skyline and provide natural light and scenic beauty. The living room has warm parquet flooring and 12.5-foot ceilings while the kitchen features stone flooring, sleek appliances, top-of-the-line fixtures and a marble breakfast bar that overlooks the city below. The dining room's custom light fixtures add sophistication and beauty along with function. The spacious master suite with its costly hardwood flooring adjoins a breathtaking master bathroom, with a large tub, natural stone sauna and delightfully heated flooring.

In addition to the standard amenities and rooms, the apartment also features its own library, five more bedrooms and six more bathrooms. Buyers have the option to purchase an additional climate-controlled wine cellar. The building's expensive amenities are among the best with an on-site spa, indoor pool, therapy rooms and fitness center for wellness and activity. Billiard rooms add a fun twist while the building's expensive, top-ranked restaurant with its Michelin-starred chef offers both on-site dining and private catering.

  1. 834 Fifth Avenue, New York

Price: $7,218 per square foot

Located in the Upper East Side just across from the Central Park Zoo, the luxury apartment building at 834 Fifth Avenue offers easy access to some of the city's most prized locations. Designed by Rosario Candela, who designed many of the prestigious apartment buildings in NYC, the building features limestone cladding with elaborate original Art Deco features. The incredibly costly price brings everything a person could want.

The building extends 16 floors with 24 expensive apartments, which range from 3,500 square feet to 7,000 square feet. With 12,000 square feet and 20 well-appointed rooms, this luxury apartment feels sophisticated and downright decadent. The extended ceilings ensure a spacious, airy feeling while the ornate interiors, designed by Henri Samuel, the master of the French Interior, add to the feeling of wealth and luxury.

Sunlight floods the apartment from all corners. The grand entrance gallery features incredible 24-foot ceilings and a marble staircase that leads to more rooms. The well-appointed dining room breathes glamor and adjoins a garden sitting room, with both facing the park's treeline. The massive living room features two working fireplaces, built-in bookcases and rich chandeliers. The kitchen has updated appliances but has not lost its distinctive character and timeless elegance.

The master bedroom is spacious and comfortably appointed and adjoins a large dressing room, a sitting room with a luxury fireplace and an expansive bathroom with clawfoot tub, natural stone flooring and custom fixtures. Additional bedrooms feature their own en-suite bathrooms. The den features a wet bar and access to the kitchen below via a dumbwaiter. Hardwood floors throughout offer warmth and hominess while the leather-lined library walls, which date back to the 17th century, ensure costly exclusivity. Original moldings and artwork preserve the historic feel and matchless splendor of the home.

Additionally, the apartment features pantries, offices, staff quarters, an outside chauffeur's room, storage rooms and a fully-fitted wine cellar. It has seven full bathrooms, three powder rooms and five wood-burning fireplaces.

834 Fifth Avenue is an expensive co-op with a canopied entrance, doorman and 24-hour concierge service. The price for this luxurious piece of history is well worth the investment.

  1. Opus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Price: $10,740 per square foot

The Opus Hong Kong tops this list of luxurious apartments and with good reason: This resplendent home has everything the truly wealthy could possibly need or even want. While the price might be eye-popping, it includes all the sumptuous, rich details that make life sweet and comfortable.

The building that houses the Opus Hong Kong was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, who also designed the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain and the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. One of the world's most acclaimed architects, Gehry's work is marked by a certain whimsical beauty, with "musical buildings, lyrical buildings with a lot of delight." The Opus Hong Kong certainly reflects this aspect of his work, with its distinctive curves and swooping lines.

"I designed the building for Hong Kong, to respond to the unique conditions of the city," he said of the Opus Hong Kong. The building stands out in its beauty and rich individuality, but it just as easily fits into the landscape with its glass columns and stately facade. Each unit in the costly building has an incredible view of Mount Cameron and Victoria Harbour through massive floor-to-ceiling windows.

This eighth-floor luxury suite offers a unique open floor plan and fabulous windows that offer maximum natural light and incredible views to its rich inhabitants. The boat deck-style balconies have been included to maximize the view of Hong Kong's surrounding hills while the 1,508 square foot rooftop offers even more space to kick back and relax while enjoying the stunning sites. Quarry block planters add to the lush, natural feel around the building.

The costly apartment really does have it all, including:
  • A gorgeous kitchen with marble Calacatta Michelangelo countertops, a pristine marble harvested from the same quarries that yielded Michelangelo's David
  • The latest in kitchen technology and sleek appliances
  • A stunning bathroom with high-end gemstone countertops, double sinks, walk-in showers, separate toilet closet, deep clawfoot tubs and decorative lighting
  • Spacious bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom
  • A balcony with a rich view of the city skyline
  • Guest bedrooms
  • A fully stocked home office with wood bookshelves, wood desk, gorgeous area rug and good lighting
  • A beautiful living room with a Persian rug, luxurious couch, chandelier, piano and original paintings
  • Breathtaking dining room with a beautiful table, ample seating, stunning light fixtures and stately credenza as well as porcelain plates, crystal and solid silver and gold ware.

It also features two private parking spaces, electric car-charging ports and rainwater recycling.

The Opus Hong Kong has set records for real estate prices in Asia, which reflects its exclusivity and costly reputation. The luxury apartment building was designed to blend seamlessly with Hong Kong's lush vegetation, parks and nature reserves, which are rich in diversity. Its price might seem incredible, but it reflects all that this opulent wonderland has to offer.

Although the cost might be the most noticeable feature of luxurious apartments, it's certainly not the only thing that makes an apartment really stand out. Some of the most highly prized features of an opulent home include marble flooring, gemstone countertops, real hardwood floors, designer decor, plush furnishings, incredible views, custom lighting and fixtures, rich details and smart-home technology. It should feel lush and decadent while still offering lots of space, a desirable location and all essential amenities, including doormen, building security, parking and leisure activities. Each of the apartments on this list features several or even all of these coveted details, but they also have a little something extra, whether that's the history of a trendy Art Deco building or the panache of being linked to an internationally renowned architect, that puts them in a class all their own.

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