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How safe are Zimbabwe's top online casinos compared to countries like the UK?

by Staff Writer
17 Jul 2019 at 11:38hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has a lot of reasons for tourists to visit. Along with the traditional safaris, parks, and landscapes, it also has an abundance of well-operated casinos. With 11 major cities and each one home to both sports betting and land-based casinos, more tourists than ever are heading to Zimbabwe to experience the best of the continent's gambling facilities. However, it's not all positive. The laws that are currently in place for gambling in Zimbabwe are in serious need of an update. That's largely down to the legal grey area that is online gambling. The massive global growth of the online casino has certainly been felt in-country.

Potential benefits
With expectations high that online gambling will be given similar legal protection as land-based gambling, the future's looking bright for online casinos in Zimbabwe. If similar taxes are put in place on winnings, then that could potentially contribute a vast total in tax revenue. With the global online casino market expected to reach up to $60 billion by 2020, Zimbabwe is certainly racing to get its share of those impressive profits. While the US and UK are already profiting from online gambling, Zimbabwe casino owners are trying to keep up with the best online casino in the UK. UK casinos are plentiful, and you can find them here to notice the differences. The Zimbabwe Gambling Board is set to tackle this with a total rewrite of the current laws. That will mean both the businesses and those that use them will have higher levels of protection.

Online gambling is massively popular in Zimbabwe. This is often attributed to the fact that so many people are using it as a form of generating a regular income. That transitions it from recreational entertainment to a much more serious business. Security is of paramount importance, and that's why they are just as safe as UK and US gambling sites. While traditional gambling has been fully legalized, online gambling remains vague when it comes to the law. Technically, it is neither legal or illegal. That means that players are able to bet internationally without having to worry about being prosecuted. There are expectations that the Lottery and Gambling Board of Zimbabwe is set to make those vital updates, so the law may become very different, very quickly.

Internet Access

One of the biggest barriers to a real grounding for the online Zimbabwean casino has been the lack of reliable internet access. This is fast-becoming much less of an issue. Now, Zimbabwean residents #zw">spend more time online than their closest neighbors, Mozambique and Botswana. That makes now the ideal time for legislation to get that vital update and improve the safety of the gambling experience for both locals and the large numbers of tourists. With improved legislation comes a need for improved online security. As it is, Zimbabwean cybersecurity is coping well with demand. The government is taking increasingly more interest in boosting cybersecurity, and that can only be of benefit to the online gambling market and those that use it.

Zimbabwe is moving quickly when it comes to taking advantage of the online gambling explosion. As legislation gets passed, residents and visitors will expect greater access, more clearly defined legal parameters, and more focus on their digital security. If officials can tackle those areas well, then the future of online gambling in Zimbabwe looks very bright indeed.

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