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The five (05) most beautiful cities in Europe

by Staff Writer
30 Oct 2021 at 14:38hrs | Views
In Europe there are several very attractive things, including the cities that abound on the continent. We will talk about the most beautiful ones of the old continent namely Paris, Berlin, Lisboa, Budapest and London.

1-Paris, France
Capital of France, Paris is the most populous municipality in the country. It is located at the heart of a vast sedimentary basin with fertile soils and a temperate climate, the Paris basin, on a loop of the Seine, between its confluences with the Marne and the Oise. Paris is also the capital of the Île-de-France region and the center of the metropolis of Greater Paris, created in 2016. It is divided into districts, like the cities of Lyon and Marseille, ie twenty. Administratively, since January 1, 2019, the city has been a collectivity with a special status called the "City of Paris". The city went through deep transformations under the Second Empire in the decades of 1850 and 1860 through major works consisting in particular of the construction of wide avenues, squares and gardens and the construction of many buildings, directed by Baron Haussmann, giving the old medieval Paris the face we know today. Tour Eifel, Paris Saint Germain are names attached to this prestigious city.

2-Berlin, Germany
Berlin, city that visits quite is the capital and the most beautiful city of Germany. This city is enlivened by several rivers, canals, parks and lakes. Berlin has developed from enormous progress in infrastructure works. As a result of this decentralized development, Berlin presents very different aspects in its center. This city constitutes an icon for the German country. Its beauty gives it a favorable environment for tourism and business.

3-Lisboa, Portugal
The city of Lisboa, capital of Portugal, is a city of all splendor and one of the most charismatic and dynamic cities in Europe. It is a place that manages to blend traditions, heritage, modernism and a progressive mentality. It is therefore no surprise that the Portuguese capital is considered one of the best cities in Europe that exists. However, this finding tends to change very quickly, as more visitors discover the attractions of Portugal.

4- Budapest, Hungary
Considered one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest is Hungary's showcase. It is its main political, cultural, commercial and industrial center. It houses the Hungarian Parliament, the ministerial buildings and the embassies of the country as well as the head offices of the companies. The macrocephaly with which the city is affected is materialized by the convergence of most road and rail networks.

5-London, England
London is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city has a huge impact on the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, health care, media, professional exercise, research, development, tourism and transportation. It is the most visited city by international arrivals and has the busiest airport system on passenger traffic in the world. Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham are the big clubs in this city. This part of England is also home to the legendary Wembley Stadium.

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