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Unemployed youths turn to gambling as their main source of income

by Moyo Roy
05 Oct 2016 at 10:47hrs | Views
Photo: Wonder Punter
In difficult economic times some youths have turned to gambling as a way of life. When jobs are scarce, the risky business can be a lifeline.

According to Radio VOP,  some unemployed Bulawayo residents have turned to gambling as their main source of income.

Although odds of winning are not certain some people have declared gambling as their full-time job as formal employment is hard to come by in the City of Kings, once the country's industrial hub.

People are left with no choice but to take the often lucrative gambling business as their new occupation.

In this internet world, betting options are endless. Some prefer William Hill - the best place for basketball bets.

Gambling has many forms ranging from poker games, slot machines, dice-based games, card games, coin tossing, casino, bingo and lotteries, among others.

Sports betting seems to have taken Bulawayo by storm and it is also popular in most other countries, developed or developing.

Even though it can be addictive, it is seen by some as a way of arresting poverty. As the economic situation got worse after 2008, betting shops saw business boom.

A good example of this would be the UK High Streets where the majority of jobs in the gaming industry are in the betting sector.

In the US, sports betting is likely to get even bigger despite fears about the industry.

During the American Gaming Association's Global Gaming Expo, former NBA commissioner, David Stern said that the fear of sports betting could be outdated.

When properly run, the betting organisations can benefit the sports that punters are keen to gamble on.

There are downsides to the pastime but betting can be a good way to earn a few extra pennies on the side or even a way of life as evidenced by some.
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