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SA not innocent of the demise of Zimbabwe

by Stephen Jakes
28 Jul 2017 at 07:04hrs | Views
Former Radio Zimbabwe presenter Eric Knight has said South Africa is not innocent of the demise of Zimbabwe following its fraudulent mediation ahead of the 2008 global political agreement.

"South Africa..South Africa...South Africa!!! How many times have I called you? You are not innocent of the demise of Zimbabwe. You are not clean for goodness sake. It is actually one of your sons who messed up the future of this country!
Documented or undocumented Zimbabweans who are in South Africa are not there by choice, they were pushed there. Migration has push factors," he said.

"The people of Zimbabwe voted Igwe and Zanu PF out. Thabo Mbeki and the South African government propped Igwe and Zanu PF to remain in power. Zimbabweans were murdered and tortured since 2000 yet South Africa declared the elections free and fair."

Knight said Thabo Mbeki recently said the regime change agenda in Zimbabwe was for the benefit of the British kith and kin yet it was millions of Zimbabweans who voted who were denied their right to shape their future.

"Economically it made sense for Zimbabwe to crumble as South Africa benefited immensely from the capital flight from Zimbabwe. It is ironic that the Mbeki administration supported Igwe and ZANU PF while at the same time attracting investment away from Zimbabwe. Lonmin was financed when LONRHO disinvested from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe refused to change its labour laws while South Africa toyed with what was termrd as flexible lsbour laws which included labour broking," he said.

"The company also refused to change its name LONRHO ( London-Rhodesia ) to drop Rhodesia since it no longer existed. The company was trading on the London Stock Exchange and Harare Stock Exchange. When it disinvested it moved to London and Johannesburg and became known as LONMIN. ANC stalwart Cyril Ramaphosa suddenly became a director of the new company.
For your own information Coca-Cola Central and Southern Africa was headquartered in Harare, it moved to South Africa."

He said Old Mutual was headquartered in Harare, it also moved to South Africa.
Schweppes central Africa also moved to South Africa.

"Unilever Central and Southern Africa was also headquartered in Harare, moved to South Africa. These and other major investors in Zimbabwe moved to South Africa during the Mbeki administration, from 1997 to around 2007," he said.

"All the capital that was taken away from the Harare Stock Exchange find its way to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The Zimbabwean economy was brought to its knees while South Africa's economy boomed.Ordinary Zimbabweans were left with no option but to trek South, the same direction the capital which was financing employment took."

He said while ANC continue to prop Mugabe and Zanu PF politically, the economic downturn in Zimbabwe brought an influx of economic refugees into its towns and cities.

Three times South Africa had the opportunity to let Igwe and Zanu PF respect the will of the voting Zimbabweans but decided to protect its sister liberation movement.

"Make no mistake, Zimbabweans are not cowards. All the SADC countries signed an agreement that binds them from arming or training militants who would like to liberate themselves from brutal dictatorships. The regime in Zimbabwe is so repressive and they do not even stock rubber bullets, they can use live ammunition on civilians," he said.

"It is quiet disturbing to hear such kind of utterances coming from an ANC government deputy minister given part played by his government in bringing peace and stability in the region and Africa as a whole. We love our country and would like to go back and rebuild it with our vast skills which we are not well remunerated for."

Knight said when you see your neighbour setting his household on fire then you give him petrol to douse the fire while eyeing his wife, be assured his children will follow their mother to your bedroom.

"Cats and dogs, which love playing with children, will follow too. Rats and other pests will also jump into your yard running away from the fire," he said.

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