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South Africa's youth angry at Grace Mugabe's deplorable behaviour

by Thulani Nkala
18 Aug 2017 at 20:05hrs | Views
Grace Mugabe missed many ZANU PF's recent public meetings, the rumour has it that she had gone to SA to see to her sons who were said to be displaying wayward behaviour which could have easily put them at security risk.

The South African youths led by iSiphesakhe Youth Organisation of uLoyiko fame, expressed their disapproval and disgust against Grace Mugabe. Mr Yanga Mhluzi was scathing and seething with anger, "As South African youths we strongly condemn Grace's abusive behaviour, if she had strongly objected to her son's choice of a girl-friend she should have used diplomatic and respectful ways to express it" Mr Mhluzi continued, "the problem with Grace is that her husband and many ZANU PF leaders have survived on impunity, for example Mugabe himself committed a genocide in Matabeleland but he is not prison"

Mr Yanga Mhluzi felt that this should be a learning curve for most South Africans for this is the behaviour of the entire Zimbabwean government. Immediately after Grace's atrocious and horrific attack on Engels, ZANU PF released a derisory statement insinuating that Grace was attacked by a prostitute or a drug addict. This behaviour of spin-doctoring the truth was expected from ZANU PF, however, it should work as a fuel which will ignite the revolutionary spirit of all South Africans against Grace and her husband.

Mr Yanga Mhluzi implored the government of South Africa to arrest Grace without fail and to even arrest Mugabe for the genocide he committed in Matabeleland. "We have also heard that the butcher of Matabeleland, Mr Mnangagwa hismeslf is in South Africa seeking medical help after being poisoned in a recent ZANU PF rally in Gwanda, we thank God for that and we hope he won't pull through" Mr Mhluzi said.

Mr Mhluzi said that it is possible that the multitudes of Matebele people in South Africa will march to the hospital where Mnangagwa is and drag him out kicking and screaming and parade him on the streets of Hilbrow so that he confesses his involvement and that of his colleagues in the genocide. "As the South African youths, we will march together with the Matebele people to all the South African institutions responsible for the arrests of Grace Mugabe, Mugabe himself and Mnangagwa, there would be no diplomatic immunity, there will be no impunity" Mr Mhluzi said.

Grace's assault on the 20 year old model is not in isolation, it is a continuation of acts she has been committing over the years when cornered. She has shown a clear indication of emotional instability which borders on a personality disorder condition. Grace is exhibiting classic symptoms of a sexually deprived woman.

Source - Thulani Nkala