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MDC Alliance South Africa holds its First Council Meeting

by Fanuel Chinowaita
02 May 2021 at 02:42hrs | Views
MDC Alliance South Africa Province holds its first Provincial Council in Capetown Yesterday.

The meeting was officiated by the National Organising Secretary Amos Chibaya.

Speaking to the delagates, Chibaya urged Party members to remain strong and not be on the side of the enemies.

He also explains roles and duties of office bearers as per MDC constitution.

"As a Province you must have three meetings per year. South Africa becomes the first Province to be addressed by the National Organ.

"The functions of the Provincial Council meeting are as follows: to give us the reports from all the Districts, to select and fill gaps and make some resolutions among others.

"Chairperson's roles are to chair the meeting, overall overseer and chair don't use force.

"Secretary keep books, take minute, be custodian of party documents while Treasurer keeps financial records and updating them", said the National Organising Secretary.

In addition, Chibaya urged Party members to be visible and reflect good behaviour to all members and non members.

"Do Visible programs on the ground that invites the residents. While on the ground have good qualities of a leader for this uphold the image of MDC structure , treat people with respect, be honest as a leader, discourร ge gossiping in the party(an example of lovers in the party, being open and allow criticism, respect leadership but don't be afraid.

"In addition, leadership must not join divisions in the party, a leader drinks beer after work or meeting, a member is not allowed to be absent three times without a reason , members should not be taken for granted and a leader must not discourage members", said Amos Chibaya.๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ–

More so, the Council was attended by Women Assembly National Chairperson Hon Mugidho who condemned the Zanu pf led government for arbitrary arresting Opposition leaders.

She also urged Party members to go and register to vote out Zanu pf.

"It is sad that the government of Zimbabwe is arresting Opposition leaders without any crime. As we are here Cecelia Chimbiri, Joanna Mamombe, Makomborero Haruzivishe, Obey Sithole among others are in prison.

"The Youth Commander is supposed to be here with us but he is in jail for no crime. Zanu pf led government want us to keep quiet while they loot and continue destroy our Country.

"As we are here i know we all need to go back to our Country. We have to make sure that we register and vote for change in the coming election", said the Women Assembly Chairperson.

Meanwhile, South Africa Province leaders were urged to keep on supporting programs back home in any ways.๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿผ

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita