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A tale of two parties: SA elections don't mirror Zim's 2028 polls

by Tonderai Ndoro
04 Jun 2024 at 03:20hrs | Views
As the South African election results were announced, critics of the African National Congress (ANC) and ZANU PF celebrated the party's failure to secure a majority, viewing it as a significant setback for the ruling party's dominance.

Some couldn't help but draw parallels between the ANC's decline and Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu PF, predicting a similar outcome in the 2028 elections. As the ANC's support continues to wane, detractors see this as a harbinger of change in the region and a warning sign for liberation movements that the tide of democracy is turning.

The opposition in Zimbabwe is celebrating the ANC's failure to secure a majority in the recent elections. This reveals that the opposition is merely a pawn in the Western agenda to eliminate liberation movements. Similar celebrations occurred when Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema, a Western favorite, won the election.

Liberation movements must work together to resist their extinction, as they threaten Western imperialist interests, that of plundering African resources. They should continue working together as liberation movements and come up with policies that improve the welfare of the people they liberated and who continue to entrust them with leadership of their respective countries.

Critics are drawing parallels between the South African elections and the upcoming 2028 elections in Zimbabwe, but this comparison is misplaced and only serves to keep the dwindling opposition hopeful. It's crucial to recognize that each country's political landscape is distinct, with unique historical, social, and political factors at play.

While similarities may exist, understanding these specific contexts is essential. In Zimbabwe, the ZANU PF Government has been diligently fulfilling its campaign promises made during the 2023 harmonized general elections. The country is witnessing unprecedented infrastructure development and modernization, with construction projects transforming the landscape.

The economy is rapidly stabilizing thanks to the introduction of the gold-backed currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG). As a result, citizens are expressing their satisfaction, and the ruling party's landslide victory in 2028 is imminent and guaranteed.

In Zimbabwe, the opposition has disintegrated, with its leader quitting and many supporters and officials defecting to the ruling party. ZANU PF has won back seats previously held by the opposition in by-elections. With these developments, ZANU PF's victory in 2028 is assured.

Source - Tonderai Ndoro