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Who Killed Gomolemo Motswaledi?

by The Voice Newspaper (Botswana)
03 Aug 2014 at 06:50hrs | Views

The Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) President and Umbrella for Democratic Change deputy President died on Wednesday morning outside Pitsane village in a car accident that his party comrades have described as "'highly suspicious'" He was travelling from South Africa for a 10 am meeting at the party offices in Gaborone, BMD Spokesperson, Wynter Mmolotsi has confirmed.

Goodhope village police boss, Assistant commissioner Engemadzo Sechele said at the moment police were clueless to what could have caused the fatal accident. Speaking at the scene Sechele said:

"We have identified a number of people to interview in relation to the accident but at the moment we cant reveal much."

But on Wednesday, crowds made up of mainly shocked and angry UDC party members openly talked of ‘the need to institute a private investigation into the suspicious accident' as they gathered in Pitsane to try and make sense of it all.

Conspiracy theories suggesting that the BMD president might have been murdered abounded as mourners tried to figure out how a seemingly minor car accident which damaged two left side tyres of the Audi A3 and the fenders could have killed their leader. The driver's window and the top part of the windscreen were also shattered but otherwise the car was intact and the airbags did not open on impact.

Blood was splattered on the passenger's side and smudged on the car roof of the same passenger side where Motswaledi's body was allegedly found hanging out of the window. There was also blood in the car boot and a broken bottle of Old brown sherry which left the car stinking of alcohol. A staunch Christian, Motswaledi was famed for his sober habits and a dislike of alcohol.

Three different individuals(two men and a woman) who claimed to be eye witnesses but requested that their names be kept a secret for safety purposes alleged that they saw a suspicious looking man wearing a balaclava and a Pringle sweater at the scene before the arrival of the police.

"It was just after 8 am when I passed with two of my colleagues to drop them off at work. We were heading towards the Ramatlabama direction when I saw this man standing by a car and two others seated on the other side of the road. Something didn't seem right and I couldn't keep my mind away from what I saw so I came back to the scene after about 30 minutes to find police at the scene and to hear about the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi. I can't stop wondering who those three men were and if they had anything to do with his death," the visibly disturbed man said.

The fourth eyewitness, a middle aged man who also requested anonymity told of how the police officer he found at the scene disclosed to him that Motswaledi's upper body was found hanging from the passenger seat.

"At around 8;30am I saw what looked like a parked and abandoned Audi A3. As I went to look, a law enforcement officer emerged from the side of the road to inform me that the car was in an accident and it had killed Motswaledi. Gripped by fear and bewilderment I asked how such a seemingly minor accident could have killed someone and the cop told me how they found his head hanging out of the passenger window." The man said

Goodhope hospital stuff revealed that Motswaledi was certified dead on arrival at 12:03pm.

" He was brought by Special Support Group and had four fractures on the skull," revealed a hospital staff member who couldn't figure out what could have been the cause of the damage.

Meanwhile many of those gathered outside the BMD office known as freedom house soon after the announcement of Motswaledi's death weeped openly at the news.

Source - The Voice Newspaper (Botswana)