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Man chased out of village over magic sex

by Staff Reporter
13 Nov 2014 at 13:50hrs | Views
Women from Sekororo Village near Hoedspruit, Limpopo, SA, have driven a man out of the village over his 'magic manhood.'

He apparently sleeps with them in mysterious ways and the women claim that they don't know it's happening but when it's over, they have no doubt what happened.

A woman who did not want to be named from Sekororo Village near Hoedspruit, Limpopo said: "I am so angry with this man.

When he starts his thing, he will talk to you about matters in the bedroom. Later you will feel exhausted and sleepy. And a few minutes later your panty is full of sperm!"

There are many women in the village who accuse the man of using the sex muthi called uMlahlaphansi. The man is in his 20s and from Makgaung Village.

They say the man starts a conversation with married women and virgins about and a group of women working at a chicken farm near Sekororo Hospital said the man had made a habit of visiting them on the farm.

"We all had sex with him," said one of the woman. She described the magic muthi as very nice.

"It happens without you taking your clothes off and a woman needs a shake-up every now and then!" she said.

The People's Paper learnt the magic man was chased away from Metz High School three years ago while he was in grade 11. Women teachers allegedly complained about his behaviour in lessons.

A pupil who attended school with him said the young man would sit in a classroom directly facing a female teacher and start moving his legs up and down.

"If a boy passed between him and the teacher he would scream with pain in his private parts."

She said a few minutes later the teacher would feel drowsy and excuse herself to go to the toilet.

Another woman called Cate said she lived in her mother's house now because her husband kicked her out.

Cate said her husband claimed she was no longer sweet in the bedroom.

A number of women say they are living alone now because their husbands want nothing to do with them.

Police Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said the police could not open a criminal case based on hearsay.

"Maybe the police could conduct a DNA test on their alleged findings in their panties. But it must be known that we do not open cases based on magic," said Ngoepe.

Source - Newsbite