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Married Zim woman stuck to Nigerian man after illicit s*x

by Staff Reporter
21 Feb 2015 at 16:46hrs | Views
A married Zimbabwean woman and a Nigerian man allegedly had the most unromantic end to a bout of love making when their sexual organs could not let go of each other after the pleasure session in Yeoville Johannesburg yesterday.

Social media leaks by people in the area witnessing the incident claim that the Zimbabwean woman customarily married to a cross border transport operator known as Malayitsha, decided to spend an evening of fun at her Nigerian lover's place where the cheating partners failed to separate after the act. Witnesses claim that the couple battled to separate from each other until an ambulance was called in to take them to hospital for a surgical separation.

The witnesses claim that the couple was embarrassingly seen being brought down the stairs out of the apartment by medical personnel from the Johannesburg Emergency Services to near by Charles Maxeke Academic Hospital. At the time of this article this media house had not yet been able to establish if the process to separate the couple had been successful.

Stories around couples getting "stuck on each other are not a new phenomenon as it is a well known form of African juju used by couples to catch their cheating partners. Witnesses at the Yeoville incident claim that the woman may have been "locked" by his husband who is believed to be from Plumtree in Matabeleland South.

The African belief about partners getting stuck on each other after sex is linked to a juju called Lunyoka which is predominantly "manufactured" in the Hwange and Binga areas. The juju comes in various methods sometimes like sealing the opening of the woman's sexual organ so that penetration fails or if done on a man completely stopping the man from gaining an er*ction until he is back home. Some weird lunyoka cases such as ants developing around a cheating partner's organs after illicit s*x have been reported before.

The African myth believes that once a couple or a person is cast with Lunyoka only the person who cast it can reverse it. The reversal comes with the "infringed" partner being compensated with large amounts of money or a herd of cattle. At the time of the Yeoville couple "locking" each other the husband of the cheating woman was believed to be away in Zimbabwe and may only return to South Africa after a week.

Dr John Dean, a senior UK-based sexual physician, says that the clamping of a penis by a v*gina is a
phenomenon that doctors call "penis captivus" (captive penis).

"When the penis is in the v*gina it becomes increasingly engorged," he says, giving his hypothesis of what causes the problem. "The muscles of the woman's pelvic floor contract rhythmically at org*sm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.

Dr Dean says that the medical solution to the problem is by forcing the v*ginal muscles to relax allowing the blood to flow in the penis and then the man can withdraw. However of the incidents so far reported of "penis captivus" in Zimbabwe medical or surgical solutions have failed to separate the couples until the "owner" of the "captivity" releases it usually after compensation or promise of compensation.

A traditional healer operating at Bulawayo's Mkambo market claimed having the juju which he called "central locking". The man claimed that the muti is administered into the suspected cheating partner through the suspecting partner's organ.

According to the practitioner,  the muti is created from a female dog's sexual organ and administered on the suspecting partner's organ who then transmits it to the suspected partner through sex. The suspecting partner is then given a padlock which the partner keeps with them all the time. The man claims that the padlock vibrates as soon as the other partner gets involved once locked the cheaters remain stuck on each other until the padlock is unlocked.

"This is a very expensive thing young man," said the nyanga. "It is made from a female dog's organ and the dog must be killed while on hit for it to work I guess you get the logic around it," the man said.

The doctor claims that the practitioners normally do not accept payment for the juju until it is used as most people come back after a while either claiming that its not working or after chickening out of the trap. As security to get their money which is normally a share of the compensation the nyanga retains the key to unlock the padlock. This then means that stuck partners can only be released only upon return to the practitioner which complicates matters more. In some cases some cheating partners have died before they are unlocked. It is still not clear at this stage what has come of the Yeoville couple.
Source - Byo24News

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