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Mugabe lacked loyalty to Mujuru and Mangagwa

by Stephen Jakes
24 Feb 2016 at 05:55hrs | Views
People's Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume has said President Robert Mugabe has proved to be the most un loyal leader to his loyal members of the party particularly former Voice President Joice Mujuru and the current Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he seems to be persecuting.

Mafume said the fact is Mugabe has always asked if Zanu PF members are loyal to him and they in turn forgot to ask Mugabe if he was loyal to Zanu PF members," he said. "Mugabe has done for us what looked insurmountable in the aftermath of elections in 2013. His lack of loyalty to Mujuru and now Mnangagwa and all that supported them has given the country an opening."

He said it might be too late for Zanu PF members, whether they see it or not Mugabe has shown he lacks a shred of loyalty in his bones.

"A leader of his statue sending his wife to paddle street gossip and witch- craft against his long considered right hand women and men," he said. "The very same people who worked to keep him alive and in power for all this years for him to be able to marry his temptress Grace are the same people he throws to the wolves without batting an eyelid. Of course the rest of us know that its the same way he turned his back on the majority of Zimbabweans who celebrated his coming to power with reckless abandon.In 2008 he should have gone but alas they kept him."

He said to the Zanu PF core people  know they learn no lessons most of the times, but on this you have to be clear.

"We however on his birthday wish Mugabe mores years of dis-loyalty to Zanu PF members . The day is coming when they have been well and truly thrown out we shall ask in whose name they were committing those crimes as their handler retreats into the arms of his soothing temptress and even for her lack of grace would dare to give her the Crown together with her band of merry thieves," he said.

Source - Byo24News
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