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Matabeleland farmers challenged to liberate themselves

by Stephen Jakes
23 Nov 2017 at 06:44hrs | Views
Matabeleland Farmers David Connoly
Farmers in Matabeleland have challenged each other to liberate themselves  and extend their market targets of their farm produces to good markets so as to reap good gains.

"Now that the political liberation is over. Now is the fight for Matebeleland  farmers rights and markets. Gentleman and ladies of cattle mall I think we must join with all others  in seeing the farmers of this region liberated from the oppressive situation imposed on us by the former deputy minister of agriculture Paddy Zhanda in with his evil cabals. My call is for us to revisit the issue of closure of showgrounds which have deprived us of free and competitive market. if we do nothing now about this evil ban imposed on us nobody will," reads the message sent to farmers.
 "I know we like to be gentleman who do not want to be involved in any lobbying and fighting for our rights, this attitude will not help us. Now is the time to rise and speak with one voice. To those who for a long time have been explicitly and covertly opposed to the reopening of showgrounds in what ever form. To the powers that be and who have the capacity to influence change and see the opening of showgrounds, take a leaf and learn from what happened in the political arena. Nothing will for ever stay as it is. Finally the people will prevail and we will not hesitate  to name and shame those individuals who through their association with powers that be or through their positions in government department suppressed the free trade in Matebeland through the disguise of FMD."

The message states that to the Veterinary personal among farmers,  how long will it take to declare those parts of Matebeland which were affected or infected by FMD some three years to four years ago clean.

"The rules stipulates that the infected area is declared clean after 18 months of last known infection, Now we are in the 36months in some areas after the last known infection and we are still banned when will this ban be lifted. Farmers prepare for action which we will do soon if nothing has changed. The army can not do every thing for us we need to rise up and do it ourselves," reads the message sent by one of the farmers.

"I hope with all my heart Paddy Zhanda does not come into government as the deputy minister of agriculture again. Farmers our destiny is in our hands. Its time we raise our voices. As Matebeland council of trade unions we are prepared to lead the way and provide leadership in this matter, however we need the support of all of you to pull this through."

Source - Byo24News