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Command livestock programme launched

by Staff Reporter
21 Dec 2017 at 16:22hrs | Views
The government has launched the US$432 million command livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme that is set to create 200 000 jobs.

Livestock farmers will receive a major production boost following the launch of the command livestock, fisheries and wildlife programme financed by government and the private sector to the tune of US$432 million.

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Retired Air Chief Marshal Perrance Shiri said the broad aim of the programme is to improve the supply of animal based products to meet national nutritional requirements, export requirements and industry needs, thus creating jobs and economic growth.

"Farmers as primary producers will access loans with 3 to 5 year tenure at a modest all-inclusive rate of 4 percent," said Air Chief Marshal Shiri.

The Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, who is also Acting President, said 200 big dams have already been supplied with fingerlings while avenues have been created for crocodile and ostrich ranching and wildlife ventures targeting  buffalos, duikers, and impalas among others.

"This programme has the potential to create more than 200 000 jobs in direct and downstream industries. In the first phase, 200 big dams are being used for fish projects," Muchinguri-Kashiri said.  

On its part, government has mobilised US$80 million for rehabilitation of fences along major highways and rehabilitation of dip tanks while resuscitation of the Cold Storage Company is at an advanced stage.

Under the command livestock programme, government is targeting by 2021 to increase the beef slaughter stock to 450 000 from 350 000 cattle, increase dairy output to 120 million litres from 65 million litres and to raise pigs' slaughter stock to 250 000 per year from the current 170 000 per year.

Goat production is projected to go up to 2 million from 400 000 per year while broiler production should reach 90 million birds from 70 million birds per year.

Production of table eggs is estimated to grow to 70 million dozen from 50 million dozen.    

Source - zbc