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Zanu-PF ready for progressive opposition, claims Mutsvangwa

by Staff reporter
28 Aug 2023 at 01:50hrs | Views
Zanu-PF is ready to work with all progressive opposition political parties who participated in the just ended harmonised elections for the benefit of the people, the party's spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, said yesterday.

The call comes after Zanu-PF romped to victory against other opposition political parties in the just ended polls.

President Mnangagwa won by 52,6 percent against CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa who got 44 percent of the vote.

A total of 11 candidates contested in the presidential race with Ms Elizabeth Valerio of UZA being the only woman.

Speaking at a press briefing which was attended by foreign and local journalists at the party's headquarters in Harare, Mutsvangwa said Zanu-PF is ready to work with everyone to deliver a prosperous Zimbabwe.

"We hope to work together with those elected to deliver the Zimbabwe we are want," said Mutsvangwa.

Zanu-PF was given the mandate to govern the country for the next five years due its work ethic meant to transform the livelihoods of the people.

"We were given the constitutional mandate to govern as a party by the electorate, the voters have decided, they want deliverables in the country. Zanu-PF as a ruling party, we are saying to those who lost in the election, let's move together as political parties for the good of the people," said Mutsvangwa.  

Responding to questions on whether the ruling party is ready to work with all political parties, he said it is up to the political leaders to decide.

"The people of Zimbabwe voted, the political leaders can decide according to the dispensation on how they want to proceed. If there is a will by the political leaders and political parties for the path which they suggest, so be it.  

"I emphasise that we have the absolute majority and we have won the presidency, we can always govern. We have the constitutional mandate to govern as a single party. The voter has decided, please exercise the options of decision making as political leaders in line with the decision of the voters," he said.

 Mutsvangwa said voters want progress in the country.

"So if you come in with an open mind and say we want to deliver prosperity for the voters, all the options are open. This is what is available for the political leaders of parties, but remember it takes two to tango.

"We need goodwill from all sides and both sides.

"If we have got goodwill from both sides I am sure it might work. Zimbabweans are very creative; we can do things which can surprise the world, but it takes two to tango. It requires wisdom, requires maturity and requires respect of what the voter wants when we go to elections," said Mutsvangwa.

Zanu-PF, he said, will continue to deliver to the people.

"We are happy with the outcome and we will continue with our mandate to develop this country towards Vision 2030.

"We are going to work hard the same way we did during the war in order to take back urban constituencies," Mutsvangwa said.

The opposition, he said, should better be warned.

"CCC should have been voted for if they had developed urban areas since they took over. I am also happy for Mhondoro-Mubaira which has voted for the President since the 2000s. These are pointers of where the Second Republic is going," Mutsvangwa said.

He also called on Zimbabweans to embrace the peaceful environment which exists in the country after elections.

"The CCC leader Mr Chamisa last night advised his election agents not to sign Presidential V11 forms because he lost. Just by way of emphasis, anyone aggrieved should approach the courts and as Zanu-PF we are ready to adhere to judgements made because we are law abiding.

"We are disappointed by the refusal to endorse the Presidential V11s because one would have lost. You don't go into a match with the idea that if I don't win then the match was not fair. We take comfort in that we have legal systems for those not happy to approach but as Zanu-PF we are happy because we look at the overall picture of the country though we had issues but they become insignificant".

Mutsvangwa also congratulated President Mnangagwa for winning the just ended elections as the Presidential candidate.

Source - The Herald