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New family and religious studies book completed

by Staff Reporter
02 Feb 2017 at 07:03hrs | Views
Witness Dingani
Following the inception of the new curriculum and the implementation phase this January ,different authors have been penciling down trying to provide instruction material for the new learning Areas.

The book on Family and Religious Studies, which started to be prepared last year November has finally been completed today (Wednesday) in Bulawayo.

Witness Dingani and Paddington Chakabva covered all chapters which includes Indigenous religion and it's characteristics, Ubuntu/Vunhu and Judaism.

Chakabva speaking online confirmed that has been prepared and the only thing which was left is to be assessed by the authorities, however he believe that the book will be available anytime this month.

Witness Dingani who is the Sunday News Columnist only praised God and his church for accomplishing such a historical mission and confirmed that the book covered all necessary topics in line with the spirit of the New curriculum for the Learning Area of Family and Religious Studies .

Chakabva added that they will also work on the books of other lower forms.

"The new project will be accomplished before August this year as long the Almighty will continue inspiring us," added Witness Dingani.

The authors celebrated the Christmas with pen and paper, however challenges which they met were minor according to them.

Source - Byo24News