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Is Mugabe no longer rigging elections? - MDC legislator

by Stephen Jakes
18 Apr 2017 at 08:51hrs | Views
Former MDC-T Bulilima East legislator Norman Mpofu has expressed concerns as to why the opposition MDC-T resorted to letting the ruling Zanu PF, its enemy, to get access into its strongholds by boycotting the by-elections in the name of wanting electoral reforms.

MDC-T had since 2013 election been boycotting any by-elections in the view that it will not participate in any election before electoral reforms.

"My fellow citizens I am confused. Just in the recent past the main opposition parties have been boycotting by-elections in Zimbabwe to the extent that Zanu PF was allowed to encroach into MDC-T strongholds by winning seats in big towns like Harare and Bulawayo. Some of us were baffled why on earth would you allow your competitor into your territory. The buzz word was 'no reform no vote'," he said.

"Fast forward to 2017. There is a stamped to contest in 2018. One wonders and aloud for that matter ...... has there been reforms! Is Mugabe no longer rigging! A new buzz word is in the offing ... "Coalition." We are told if all opposition parties come together Zanu PF IS HISTORY. Ready!, qiniso! chokwadi!. So the issue is not rigging but numbers. Is this not a polite way of acknowledging that the opposition falls short in terms of numbers hence the need to gang up."

"My logic says if President Robert Mugabe rigs it does not matter how many parties coalesce because the problem has never been about numbers but cheating."

He said this is a serious level of desperation and tomfoolery.

"Giving a patient wrong medication and pray the patient will heal. Thus voodoo politics. 0+0=0," he said.

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