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Different ways technology is changing education

by Staff Reporter
29 Jun 2017 at 14:09hrs | Views
Technology is an essential part of everyday life nowadays. Smartphones are not only becoming more accessible and more common but also more capable in many ways. The same can be said for computers and other gadgets. It is not a secret that technology is changing different industries in Zimbabwe, from healthcare and retail to security and education.

The impact of technology in education is even bigger than what most experts anticipated. Students across the country are now taking advantage of the internet and new technologies to have better access to information. Here are several more ways technology is changing education.

The Rise of Digital Contents
The majority of schools and universities in the country are still relying on books and prints as part of the learning experience. Books will be the cornerstone of our education system for years to come, but it is also worth noting that many institutions, as well as students, are now switching to digital books for a number of reasons.

Digital books are more affordable than their printed counterparts. In fact, digital books can be up to 80% more affordable than print books. There is a big investment to be made to purchase an eBook reader or a smartphone for reading digital books, but that investment pays for itself in just a few books.

Of course, digital books are also much easier to store in the long run. They can be stored securely in the cloud and accessed from any remote device. It takes only one device to carry thousands of books, so digital books are far more convenient too.

Foreign Online Programs
A few years ago, enrolling in a foreign university meant relocating to another country. This severely limited the number of students who could pursue higher education abroad due to the high costs and other challenges. Today, top universities from around the world such as George Washington University in the US are opening up their online programs to more students.

Students in Zimbabwe can enroll in a US university and pursue degrees such as online masters in political science without relocating to the US. Every part of the course is conducted online and the programs available are accredited. There are plenty of degrees to choose from too, including the online degree in political science mentioned earlier.

Online education allows thousands of students and professionals across the country to pursue their dream of earning a higher degree. Online degrees have transformed the education landscape substantially this past year alone.

Immersive Learning Experience
It is also interesting to note that schools and teachers are taking active steps towards bringing better learning experiences to their classrooms. The use of projectors, multimedia content, and even interactive study materials are allowing teachers to keep students interested and involved.

More schools are using the same approach to improve their learning experience too. Non-profit organizations and local communities are supporting the switch to immersive learning experience by raising funds and donating equipment to support their local schools. You too can be part of the different ways technology is changing education by getting involved.
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