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Parents petition Dokora over poor services at Mzingwane high school

by Stephen Jakes
01 Jul 2017 at 13:15hrs | Views
A photograph of Mzingwane high school’s library on fire has emerged and Africa Metro sources have revealed that an electrical fault might have caused the fire.
Parents at Mzingwane High school in Matabeleland South have petitioned the minister of primary and secondary education over poor services and administration of the school.

In a petition seen by the parents complained over poor administration at the school.

"Minister of primary and secondary education Lazaras Dokora to act on the problems affecting Mzingwane high such as poorly maintained boarding facilities such that dormitories have no doors also evidenced by the fire that destroyed the library and the headmaster's house, employment of non qualified finance staff which leads to poor and mishandling of finances, rampant bullying of juniors and stealing while the administration is doing nothing about it, and operation of mini tuck shops selling cooked food to boys," reads the petition.

The concerned parents  stated that it was unfair that they be parting with huge sums of money when the school fails to provide the services.

Below is part of the petition:

Source - Byo24News