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Row erupt at Coghlan Primary between parents and authorities

by Stephen Jakes
03 Aug 2017 at 11:01hrs | Views
Row has erupted between parents and Coglan Primary School authorities over the use of some Statutory Instruments and headmistress middling in the affairs of the school development committee.

According to sources privy to the goings on, a meeting held at the school yesterday around 5pm did not end well.

A source told that the meeting "ended up generating into chaos and got cancelled after parents had argued that they can be told to use Statutory instrument 87 of 1992 whilst SI 374 still subsists and has not been repealed."

"The argument was that a Circular from the ministry is not enough because it is directed to school officials and not the Public. The other issue is the headmistress meddling in the committee affairs for cutting down of the committee to 5 members without consulting the parents who at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) choose that they wanted 9 members instead of 5 and even the said SI 87 supports in section 3 that the Secretary can choose to elect less than 5 members or more," said the source.

"This  they said would depending on the situation of what parents choose this has raised eyebrows that why does the head choose those that she wants to work with maybe something is not right so the arguments went on until the meeting was called off.

Efforts to get comment from the school authorities were fruitless.

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