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Five Fun Ways to Repurpose Old Nursing Uniforms

by Agencies
08 Aug 2017 at 13:11hrs | Views
Finding ways to repurpose old uniforms is always a creative and fun endeavor. Sometimes you aren't even aware of the possibilities that your own uniform may possess. Perhaps you completed your online nursing degree and are now employed in the challenging, yet exciting field of nursing.

As a nurse, you are required to wear a uniform, so most nurses tend to have a collection of them. Even if you've just recently obtained your online nursing degree, you may have gone overboard in purchasing uniforms and now have a few too many. As they start to age and become worn, they tend to work their way to the back of the closet. Before you know it, a rather large collection of uniforms you aren't wearing has formed.

Now before you go writing them off as garbage you may want to check out these fun ways that you can repurpose them.

Transform the Scrubs into a Fun Bag

Why not take your scrubs and transform them into a unique looking tote bag. You can find all kinds of patterns and resources online giving you full instructions. For an original look, you can even piece a few different uniforms with various patterns/colors together.

Consider Donating Them
If your uniforms really aren't worse for the wear and they are still in relatively good condition, but you just don't need that many, then you could donate them. There are plenty of global organizations that are happy to accept scrubs that are in good condition. They will be distributed around the world to countries where doctors and nurses are in need of uniforms.

Homemade Quilts and Pillows

If you're feeling extra creative then you may want to create a homemade quilt or pillow out of a collection of old uniforms. Not only will you have something beautiful at the end of the project, it's also incredibly personal since you have so many memories tied to the uniforms and the many people you've helped. Again, you can find a variety of patterns and details instructions online, or you can always make your own patterns.

Doll Clothes

For those who have kids, doll clothes are always a fun item to play with. Doll clothes can be used not just on dolls but any favorite stuffed animal toy. This one may take a bit of creative thought and design, and it will help to have a sewing machine handy to speed up the process.

When in Doubt - Keep for Dust Rags

Who couldn't use a few extra dust and cleaning rags in the house? This works well for uniforms that have rips or tears. You can cut the uniform up into pieces to act as cleaning rags. Because the fabric is safe for machine washing, you know the rags will be easy to clean.

A Small Look at the Possibilities

This is just a small look at the many ways you can repurpose those old and worn nursing uniforms. With some free time and imagination, you'll be able to come up with all kinds of wonderful ideas.

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