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Parents broke after festival season

by Anwell Bepe (Patsaka correspondent)
13 Jan 2018 at 12:18hrs | Views
After spending money last December Festive Season with neighbours, family and friends, most parents in the community of Kariba are now struggling to pay school fees for their children. The hardest hit parents are those with kids enrolling for form one and ECD classes as large amounts of money is need for school fees, uniforms and stationary.

Enrollment at private colleges has started slowly though peaking now as parents are entering into payment plans with different school administrations.

Mahombekombe Primary School among other schools has not yielded to parents demands of issuing out grade seven results to those who owe the school its dues for 2017 leaving the parents stranded as they cannot find form one places without results.

As it stands, some parents are desperately taking measures which may in turn ruin the future of this generation in few years to come. One hopes that the new Government and new staff at the local district Ministry of education led by the usually cheerful DSI Mr Jason Dzveta, the councillors and members of parliament would come to the rescue of the stranded parents for children's sake.

Source - Anwell Bepe (Patsaka correspondent)