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Water, electricity problems dog LSU

by Stephen Jakes
12 Feb 2018 at 07:34hrs | Views
Students at the Lupane State University have said the institution is still under development and as a result they have water, accommodation and electricity challenges.

"We have to stay with buckets full of water in our rooms because we have serious water crisis and the issue needs serious attention. Electricity is switched off according to the university's time table,whether you will be done with what you will be doing or not, you will see yourself in the dark. As students we have tried raising our complaints about that but they tell us that they are still processing the development of the university,"aid one student.

He said accommodation is not up to standard because there is no or little privacy in our rooms.

"We share small rooms and small bunk beds that do not give people enough privacy. Those bunk beds are even strong, you will be sleeping with the fear of falling down and it is not healthy at all," said a student.

Source - Byo24News