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Seke Principal frustrates students

by Edmore Kudakwashe
24 Feb 2018 at 09:03hrs | Views
Seke Teachers College Principal Ephraim Mutubuki is continuing to frustrate and has barred students of the college ahead of their final examinations this coming Monday. Students who have been looking forward for the college to avail a payment plan, are left with no option but to approach the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Amon Murwira to sit for their examinations.

Mr Mutubuki with combination of one Amai Dube have sweared and set to make example to those who have not yet settled their fees in full by not allowing them to sit for their exams. Students who spoke to this reporter on condition that they would not be published said have had enough frustration from Mr Mutubuki.

Amai Dube is the Vice-Principal of the College and rumours are that he was transferred from Morgen Zintec College after students wrote a letter to the Ministry of Higher Education complaining about his attitude and bad feelings towards students.

"We don't know what to do, the Principal each time he comes to address us always punch on us. He used to be good, but with the coming in of Amai Dube things have changed. We Hope he will make us to sit for our final exams come this Monday and allow us a payment plan", said some of the frustrated students.

Students have been made to apply for loans at either banks or money lenders. Mr Mutubuki was on the forefront inviting money lenders as he make an ‘operation' by making sure that everyone pay fees before sitting for the exams. Last month he invited the people from Eduloan in hope that they would provide loans to the students, a deal which flopped because they asked for guarantee that the loans would be reimbursed by the college.

"We have had people from Eduloan who were giving loans, some of us came from poor families and also considering economic challenges, we need a bit of time to settle the fees", said another group of students.

Yesterday the road from the college to Makoni Shopping centre was bulging with Seke students who were rushing for a date stamp at CBZ bank which they were told to obtain by Mutubuki as a guarantee that they were dedicated to pay the fees, the deal which was sort by the principal was not clear how the bank was to avail funds for the students. It was a day wasted as students did not attend lessons, instead chased wind. When the students returned to fetch Mutubuki, he told them to go back to the bank for a guarantor letter at the time of close of business; a move the students said was frustration at its highest form.

"We appeal to the Government to arrest this situation, a bigger percentage has not yet settled the fees in full due to economic challenges, it seems the college is up to no good, there is a bad combination now at the college which is up to fix students and the relevant authorities should investigate some of the motives behind this moves.
Last night, Mutubuki could not be contacted to comment on the situation at the college ahead of the final examinations as his phone remained unreachable.

Recentry the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development pledged to reintroduce grants for students at universities, colleges and other vocational training institutions in an effort to improve skills and develop manpower.

Tertiary education is becoming more expensive and inaccessible to the majority of the poor, and as such, the government has so far engaged financial institutions to structure a new model for student loans.

Recent reports have pointed to an increasing number of students dropping out of tertiary institutions.

Professor Amon Murwira said under the new political dispensation, there is renewed hope in the hearts of many students that they will get grants which were discontinued in 2006.

Source - Edmore Kudakwashe