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Expert tips for better essay writing

by Staff writer
28 Apr 2021 at 17:41hrs | Views
The essay writing is an independent educational and scientific research of a student, which provides for the systematization, consolidation, expansion of theoretical knowledge, and practical skills in the chosen discipline and specialty.

The purpose of this type of work is to identify knowledge on the chosen topic, the ability to work independently with the literature, to analyze the problem, to formulate own proven conclusions and suggestions. Preparation and writing of essays help the student to significantly expand and deepen special knowledge in certain disciplines, gain experience in self-study and analysis of special literature. If difficulties arise in the writing process, each student can get online help on the site DoMyEssay. It differs from other online services in its reliability and the confidentiality of the assistance provided. On this platform, you will definitely find a helper who will write the best essay for you!

Tips On Sequence of Essay Execution

The below algorithm of essay writing will help to organize the work optimally, distribute your time correctly, and completely analyze the chosen topic:

1.    Acquaintance with the offered topics of an essay;

2.    Choice of the theme;

3.    Acquaintance with methodical instructions on writing;

4.    Compilation of a bibliographic list of literature sources on the selected topic, available in the library and Internet portals;

5.    Carrying out the initial processing of literary and Internet sources and selection of those that best meet the problem;

6.    Re-processing of selected literary and Internet sources with a recording of the necessary information;

7.    Drawing up a work plan;

8.    Development of the scientific apparatus of introduction (object, subject, purpose, tasks of research) – as a reference point of search work;

9.    Writing the main part of the paper;

10.    Writing conclusions according to the set tasks;

11.    Implementation of literary and graphic design of the essay;

12.    Submission of work to the tutor for review.

Valuable Recommendations for Effective Essay Writing

If you want to make the essay writing process better and faster, consider the following expert advice:

-    Choosing the topic of work, the student is guided by own scientific, creative interests and topics of work, which are developed and approved by the department taking into account the relevance and main scientific areas on which the employees of the department works. To choose the right topic of the essay, it is necessary to get acquainted with the scientific literature, thoroughly analyze the educational literature, periodicals in several areas, and, after consulting with the teacher, choose one of the topics;

-    Before starting to write a paper, the student must review all types of sources, the content of which is related to the topic of the work (textbooks, scientific publications – monographs, collective works, articles in periodicals, legal framework, Internet sources, etc.);

-    The study of scientific publications should be carried out according to the following plan: general acquaintance with the work as a whole; a quick view of all content; reading in the order of representation of the material; selective reading of any part of the work; extract of the material related to the topic being studied, indicating the author, title, pages, publication for further compilation of links; critical evaluation of the recorded information, its editing and ‘clean' recording as a fragment of the text of future work;

-    When summarizing the material, you should always remember the topic of work to write only what is relevant to the research problem. Quotes should be written on one side of separate sheets of standard size paper, which helps to better navigate the accumulated material, to systematize it by topic and problem. Each citation, an example, a digital material must be accompanied by an accurate description of the source, indicating the pages on which this material is published. The use of quotations without mentioning the author, when the opinions of another author are presented as personal, is a gross violation of literary and scientific ethics, i.e. plagiarism;

-    The topic should be disclosed without omitting logical links, so starting to work on the section, it is necessary to note its main idea, as well as the thesis of each section. Theses must be confirmed by facts, opinions of various authors, the results of questionnaires and experiments, analysis of specific practical experience. It is necessary to avoid the unsystematic presentation of facts without sufficient comprehension and generalization;

-    It is advisable to write the introduction after the main part of an essay is written. The introduction substantiates the relevance of the topic, its theoretical and practical significance; object, subject, purpose, and objectives of the study are clearly defined; the methods by which it was carried out are determined; the structure of the work, its main content is briefly revealed;

-    Conclusions are represented immediately after the main text of the work. Conclusions should cover the implementation of the research objectives set out in the introduction, and correspond to the structure of the work;

-    Before submitting a draft to the teacher, the material should be reviewed again for consistency, logic, interrelationship, and relevance. It is advisable to refer to the text after some period of time;

-    When editing the text, it is desirable to read the work aloud, which will allow you to see the possible unconvincing evidence, to formulate accurate and concise phrases.

During the preparation of the draft, you should carefully edit each sentence, pay attention to the choice of the necessary wording, which would simply and clearly, concisely, and easily express the content of the questions. You should not use complex syntactic constructions.

Start writing by following the tips above and you will surely create a unique paper!

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