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LSU procurement rocked by serious irregularities because of non qualified leadership

by Stephen Jake
23 Sep 2022 at 12:17hrs | Views
Lupane State University is one of the Universities that offer a Degree in Supply Chain Management, but its Procurement Management unit (PMU) is poorly managed as a non-procurement was assigned to oversee the operations of the PMU and has great interests.

Concerned sources from the University said whereas other directorates report to the Vice-Chancellor, the PMU Directorate is supervised by the Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor (AVC), an indication that the Vice-Chancellor has no faith in the in-experienced PMU Manager.

"The AVC has an MBA but was given the role of overseeing the PMU, where the Acting PMU manager has failed the University many times. This saw the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) writing to the University, expressing displeasure at the University's failure to do annual acquittals and tender splitting," said the source.

"Although the University's Audit committee has raised concerns of violation of the PRAZ act and recommended the appointment of an experienced PMU Manager, the VC has ignored those recommendations."

 Insiders lamented that this is a cartel which is making suppliers pay 10% in kickbacks. Inside sources noted that some posts are advertised when members who resign are serving notice, yet the PMU Manager was made to act for over three years so that he gets the experience for possible appointment.

They said although the AVC is a deacon, on many occasions, he has swindled parents of their hard-earned forex and has even taken USD from his church congregants but failed to pay the school fees for the children. Insiders say LSU has been contributing to financial indiscipline, rot and overpricing, causing monetary instability.

"Two parents have lamented that the AVC-cum-Deacon took their USD and he gave them a fake proof of payment from the bank where the money could not reflect in the school account, and the schools have requested them to pay top-up fees due to the malpractice exercised by the Deacon in making who is the Assistant to the VC at Lupane State University," said the insider.
Insiders complained that the AVC-cum-Deacon is always making deals, even in meetings, as he is always on phone calls and WhatsApp.

He is an illegal forex dealer and money launderer who superintends the PMU, where shady deals are done.

He has no job description as the VC has a PA and is ever doing his business during working hours as an Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, his office is not busy as he is focusing on money laundering. Since he is conflicted, this has made him fail to supervise the PMU as the University is buying from his shelf companies and waits for the loot from the 10% kickbacks he is demanding.

 Insiders lamented that he had shown his dishonesty when he changed his wife's marks in the University's student management system when he was a departmental chairperson.

The Assistant to the VC has been seen on several occasions delivering stationery to the University using his car, an indication that the University is buying from his many companies.

 One wonders if he has declared a conflict of interest. Sources privy to operations highlighted that a significant portion of the over 100 million given to LSU was transferred to the AVC's many accounts to purchase forex for the University which was used to buy goats, chickens and cattle.

 Due to lack of supervision and following basic animal husbandry, over 30% of the animals died.

"Recently the PMU bought common bricks for the partitioning of the radio station as quoted on the invoice but on delivery, and the University community was shocked when homemade farm bricks were delivered for partitioning. Construction experts questioned the delivery of homemade bricks, but the Assistant to the VC told them that he was the one in charge of PMU, and that's the reason he doesn't involve them because they scrutinize too much," insider said.

"Although ZACC and PRAZ have descended on LSU, levels of corruption are alarming. The University was allocated funds by the Office of the President and Cabinet to purchase the radio studio equipment, but since this equipment was available in South Africa, where the AVC and PMU Manager have no influence in inflating prices, no purchase was made in a year until the money was eroded by inflation."

 The remaining funds purchased only a desktop that is playing music, only an embarrassment to the community and the whole country.

According to the Public Procurement Act, goods should be checked for quality and correct specifications, but at LSU, the justification is as long as goods have been delivered from companies that can give kickbacks to the AVC, PMU and other members of the cartel.

 On several occasions, goods that have been returned to supplies because of the improper specification have never been returned to the University because shelve companies have no stock and would have used the money.

 In another shocking incident two months ago, the PA system for teaching Harare students was requested with proper specifications.

Wrong speakers, very small similar to the speakers used by young boys on the streets, were delivered, and it has been two months since the goods were returned to the supplier now; students are being inconvenienced, and no one cares, yet they expected to pay full fees when they are being short-changed.

Insiders lamented that the VC, AVC, and PMU Managers are running the University like a tuck shop.

 From the hundreds of millions that the government has pumped into LSU, the Vice-Chancellor constructed pre-fabricated structures, which have been condemned as they developed cracks within two years of occupation.

He has bought goats and chicken from Masvingo, where over 30% have died. Although payments worth ZWL60 million for 50 cattle were made in April, nothing has been delivered this far.

 It seems LSU is working against the government in combating corruption. Some fear that all these things are being done to blame the Second Republic and weaken it in the 2023 elections. Locals revealed that the VC was placed at LSU by Saviour Kasukuwere (SK) during the terror of the First Republic and was appointed to be a Lupane Local Board Commissioner to assist SK in controlling the vast gas deposits and has never been loyal to the Second Republic.

He has been a Commissioner since 2015!!!! Instead of bringing development to the community, the VC is reversing efforts of the Second Republic. Insiders noted that the hallmark of his leadership had been the systemic sexual harassment of staff and students, nepotism and tribalism, and corruption, as he has appeared in the national papers over 20 times.

 Sources privy to operations at LSU lamented that the Major Wadyajena and the Parliament of Zimbabwe USD9000.00 laptop procurement scandals were nothing compared to what is happening at LSU.

 Some staff members implored the RBZ's Financial Intelligence Unit to visit LSU and stop the rot.

Source - Byo24News
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