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No Maths, no degree not a new policy, says Prof Moyo

by Virimayi Nzira
09 Dec 2015 at 15:36hrs | Views
HIGHER and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development minister, Jonathan Moyo says there is nothing new about his ministry's policy requiring all students enrolling for undergraduate courses to have Mathematics and Science.

Speaking during an Automotive Engineering equipment handover ceremony at Harare Polytechnic last week, Professor Jonathan Moyo said his ministry will ensure the policy is "vigorously" implemented.

"I am happy to take advantage of this opportunity to remind everyone concerned that the requirement for mathematics has always been with us for quite some time.

"It is not a new policy contrary to perceptions in some quarters out there that there is a new requirement for mathematics for one to study at any polytechnic and that it is a requirement that has come with my coming into the ministry. It is not correct.

"What is correct is that it's a longstanding policy that we are now going to implement vigorously. What is new is the commitment to implement the policy by requiring it without fear or favour," said Professor Moyo.

The requirement that students should have mathematics and science in order to study in higher and tertiary education institution was first introduced by Higher Examinations Council (HEXCO) in 2011.
The policy evoked a huge public outcry when Minister Moyo announced it was going to be enforced in all state tertiary institutions.
He added that training institutions should recruit students that meet the basic minimum requirements.
"The equipment we are unveiling is an example of the kind of programmes that are undertaken in these institutions which cannot be done successfully unless the students have basic minimum requirements, which are mathematics and science," he said.
"Students will not be bale utilise the equipment successfully without minimum qualifications".
The state-of-the-art equipment commissioned by Minister Jonathan Moyo was procured by the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) at a cost of $ 2, 3 million and will benefit 9 polytechnics and 2 industrial training centres across the country.
The fund marks the first phase of Zimdef's $ 9 million retooling and capacity building programmes for higher and tertiary education institutions.

Source - Virimayi Nzira