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Student nurses boycott classes over poor diet

by Staff Reporter
22 May 2017 at 01:02hrs | Views
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A group of student nurses at Brunapeg Mission Hospital in Plumtree on Friday revolted and boycotted classes over poor diet.

Students said they are fed up with sub-standard meals comprising cabbages and soya meat, popularly known as chunks.

This is despite them paying $100 monthly for their upkeep, Newsday reported.

"We suspect that our hard-earned monies are being embezzled by the management because of the kind of food we are getting every day," said one student.

"We are made to pay $100 every month, but our diet is very poor. They are giving us cabbages and chunks".

The hospitals' matron, who identified herself as Sister Anna, accused students of rushing to the media.

"Students should know that they signed contracts with the Ministry of Health and, as such, they know where they should direct their concerns.

"I am the matron of the hospital, but not a single student has come to my office complaining about the matter. As a matron, I am very concerned."

Source - NewsDay