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Legislator Majome blasts govt over emergency medical treatment

by Stephen Jakes
26 Aug 2017 at 07:23hrs | Views
Harare West legislator Jessie Majome has accused government of having no plans to ensure that no one is denied access to medical treatment.

"This inept Govt has no clear plan to ensure that no one is denied emergency medical treatment in accordance with Section 29(2) and 76(3) of the Constitution. As reported in the attached story Govt has also failed to secure a Gas Chromatography machine which is crucial for forensic investigations," she said.

"On behalf of a Harare Westerner, I asked the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care Hon. Dr. Aldrin Musiiwa when Govt will replace the Gas Chromatography (a piece of equipment used in forensics) which packed up in 2004. This has grossly affected forensic pathology in public institutions, forcing relatives to bury the deceased without knowing the cause of death. The Minister promised that a new machine would be bought by end of this month (August). I doubt if he would keep his promised since Gvt hasn't done anything for the past 13 years! Can the State prove me wrong, and procure the GS by end of August?"

She said the Deputy Health Minister continued to prevaricate around my question on what Gvt was doing to ensure no one is denied Health Care as guaranteed in Section 29(2) & 76(3).

"I had asked him the same question earlier in the year, where he said untruths about Gvt already having a policy which is aligned to Section 29(2) & 76(3). The Minister circumloquaciously responded to the question saying that he sent a circular to public and private institutions informing them that no one will be denied health care. Health care providers please confirm if you received such a circular," she said.

"He did however admit that there was no funding commitment, which will pay for health services provided in emergency situations. He claimed that even though there was no fund, Govt had made the "necessary administrative arrangements". No figures, no plan of implementation, no proposed law to ensure emergency help, no campaign to inform the public, we just have to be content that Govt said YES it has a policy"

Majome said how can people believe that Government has a policy to ensure no one is denied health care when there is clear plan and a revolving fund to cater for it? I would have thought NSSA, government's cash cow would create a fund to pay institutions which offer assistance in emergency situation.

"What is your take on this issue? Comment below. Please tag a friend who has an interest in the medical, pathology field. Do you have questions you want me to ask Ministers during Parliament's Question and Answer Sessions (which take place every Wednesday when Parliament is sitting)?she asked.

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