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Dr. Edward Picardi on How Medical Specialists Benefit by Volunteering their Services to Impoverished Communities

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29 Sep 2018 at 14:46hrs | Views
Being a medical volunteer in a foreign country can be challenging and unnerving. The doctors are often required to go to some of the most remote areas where their services are most required. Additionally, many of these regions may have other challenges such as extreme weather, limited equipment, and understaffed hospitals.

But medical specialists like Dr. Ed Picardi, find personal fulfillment from this kind of voluntary work. He has volunteered to go to remote parts of Togo and Liberia and found the experience to be challenging, but also life changing in several significant ways.

Making a Real Difference

When he decided to go to Liberia in May 2018, Dr. Picardi was driven by a need to make a real impact in these communities that need specialty services. Countries like Liberia are amongst the poorest in the world and do not have the resources to get doctors to provide professional services to these communities.

Being a specialty surgeon, who has been in practice for more than two decades, Dr. Picardi's skills and experience are needed by hospitals, especially those located in remote areas of the country. In one of the hospitals in Mango, Togo, where he was a volunteer with the Samaritan Purse, patients cross the border to the hospital to seek these specialty services.

A Vocation that Speaks to You

Any form of charitable giving is bound to be fulfilling. However, when you choose to take part in a humanitarian project that resonates with you, the experience is likely to be even more rewarding. This requires combining, your skills, passion, and purpose.

For Dr. Picardi, this was a no-brainer. For the most part of his adult life, he has dedicated his expertise to helping communities. He has participated in debates that seek to find healthcare solutions in America. He believes that the highest level of emotional fulfillment is attained when skills, experience are applied for the greater good of the community.

New Experiences

Traveling to countries far away gives volunteers a chance to see the world and gain new perspectives. It provides an opportunity for a change of scenery for a busy specialist surgeon. Even poor countries like Togo and Liberia, have tourist and historical sites that you can visit for a break. Dr, Picardi says he also found fulfillment interacting with other doctors and members of the community who often show a lot of respect for specialists willing to volunteer help those in need.

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