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Muzamhindo picked to lead Cyclone Research

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03 Sep 2019 at 13:48hrs | Views
Leading Academic and Harare Policy Advisor Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo has been selected by Development partners to lead a Cyclone Research. Muzamhindo who holds a B.A from Solusi University, MA from University of Lusaka, Zambia, Post grad in Project Management from University of Zimbabwe and PhD candidate from Women's University of Africa in Zimbabwe. The Policy Researcher has worked in a number of NGOs, private sector and also church based organisations. He has penned over 100 articles on Development, social science and economic development. The project is co-managed by UNISA and a number of development partners around the globe. The research program will cover Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe mainly Chimanimani and Chipinge. His area of focus will be "Vulnerability of children mostly affected by trauma and other mental disorders. The program is specifically to compile a Research book Volume 1, with a number of scholars within the region.

Research suggest that a home is a dynamic necessity which is a human requirement. Human life is a developmental phase during which risk to attachment figures as well as traumatic events maybe particularly important. The loss and disruption associated with Cyclone Idai highlighted the human loss, destruction to properties and livestock and vulnerabilities and special needs of communities exposed to natural disaster. The current study explored ways in which multiple stressors associated with Cyclone Idai contributed to adverse outcomes. We hypothesize overall decreases in trauma symptoms over time. We further hypothesize overall decreases in impact and trauma symptoms over time. There is increased attachment and Cyclone Idai related risk factors will negatively influence longitudinal symptoms patterns. It has been asserted that psychological responses to disaster in children and adolescents vary widely across cultures, but this has rarely been investigated. The objective of the study were clinically evaluate the construct of traumatic stress symptoms and disorder in children and adolescents after a cyclone Idai and Kenneth in prevalence at six months, compare the effect in high and low exposure areas and study the factors associated with it.

Methods:  clinical examination of children and adolescent (n=300) was done, supplement by a symptoms checklist based on international classification of mental and behavioral disorders, diagnostic structured questionnaire for disaster related experiences.

Results: a majority of children had post-traumatic symptoms. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), was syndrome PTSD. Parents or teachers reported mental health concerns in 7.2% subjects with any syndrome diagnosis (n=196).

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