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Sakunda steps up on fight against Covid-19

by Simbarashe Mwandipendaa
14 May 2021 at 14:17hrs | Views
Sakunda holdings has registered another milestone in the health sector after it adopted and fully equipped a Covid-19 centre at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) which was officially opened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa today.

The organization is carrying out its philanthropic works through Arundel Clinic after heeding a call by the President that the private sector should compliment Government efforts in fighting the pandemic that has killed thousands of people in the country.

In Bulawayo, Arundel, working with Government refurbished the Old Bartley's Memorial Block at UBH to set-up the Covid-19 isolation centre with a 50-bed capacity which is admitting Covid-19 patients.

The centre now has 40 beds fully equipped and ready for use. Also made available at the site is a pharmacy full stocked and functional. The centre now has a staff complement of 42 people who include specialists.

Said President Mnangagwa: "UBH has improved and continues to improve. Why? Because of the Covid-19 pandemic which has attacked this country and the Second Republic wants to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 by upgrading the health delivery system acros the country. This centre is one centre we are determining to provide state of the art health in Zimbabwe."

Information gathered reveasl that similar works are being done at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals by Sakunda Holdings.

Sakunda Holdings Chief Operating Officer Mr Mberikwazvo Chitambo revealed that works were also underway in Harare.

"Our walk with COVID scourge started this time last year when the nation heard me say Sakunda would bring 30 tonnes of equipment to combat the scourge. Then we donated the 26 bed Arundel COVID hospital in Harare .Its services are free, from blood tests to treatment. We also have Parirenyatwa Hopsital which we have adopted for the next 12 months we shall finance its operating costs for free After that we shall engage our cooperating partners GoZ.

He added: "UBH unit is another free COVID unit ,We shall finance its operating costs for the next 12 months After 12 months we shall engage our next partners the GoZ. Next to the UBH COVID unit are 2 ambulances. We herby donate them to His Excellency for him to do as wishes with them as long as they remain in this province."

Information gathered indicate that Sakunda adopted 60 beds at Parirenyatwa which are being equipped.

The company has budgeted about USD 25 million for the projects being done in the health sector.

Last year Sakunda donated PPE, Ventilators, testing kits and other medical equipment to various public hospitals countrywide.

Source - Simbarashe Mwandipendaa