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Psychiatric Hospitals in Zimbabwe Oversubscribed with Drug Addicts

by Staff Reporter
16 Apr 2023 at 07:52hrs | Views
Psychiatric hospitals in Zimbabwe are oversubscribed with drug addicts. Ingutsheni Psychiatric Hospital in Bulawayo is receiving as many as 10 new patients per day, despite various government interventions to address the issue.

The government has taken the fight against drug and substance abuse seriously, with over 6,000 peddlers arrested in recent months. However, these efforts have not been enough to stem the tide of addiction.

According to Sunday News, Ingutsheni Psychiatric Hospital's Clinical Director, Dr. Wellington Ranga, says that the number of admissions for drug abuse has remained high despite the government's interventions. "There has been no change in the numbers that we admit to Ingutsheni," Dr. Ranga said. "In fact, they are actually increasing."

Dr. Ranga says that the hospital is currently admitting between two and ten patients per day for drug abuse. He says that this is a serious problem, and that the hospital currently has 212 patients admitted for drug abuse.

The government is working to address the issue of drug abuse, but it is a complex problem that will not be solved overnight. In the meantime, psychiatric hospitals in Zimbabwe are struggling to cope with the influx of drug addicts.

Source - Sunday News