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Teenager in online fundraising for children with cancer

by Stephen Jakes
10 Dec 2023 at 13:30hrs | Views
A 17-year-old teenager from Harare has started a Save A Child organization which seeks to assist children suffering from cancer.

President of the organisation Shaun Chiworeso said the Save a Child programme started in September and is a registered organization.

He noted that it has been self-sponsored ever since it started, and they can't exclude other individuals who have been assisting us financially through donations.

"Save a child does not have any physical branches but we are connected online, it has recruited young people from all around Zimbabwe from Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo and Gweru, we work online," Chiworeso said.

He said there is a total number of about 85 members in the programme, it has a team that distributes goods around the country, and through their interactions, they come across patients.

Source - Byo24News