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More chaos from Gwanda Provincial Hospital

by Staff Reporter
18 Feb 2014 at 12:39hrs | Views
Following media reports of massive corruption at Gwanda Hospital Nursing School more damning reports of corruption and mismanagement are emerging from the hospital.

Latest very reliable sources from the hospital have unveiled serious allegations of mismanagement and corruption in the hospital senior management. According to reports made available to Bulawayo24 News and confirmed with sources at the hospital the acting Hospital Administrator identified as Mr Hlengani Moyo is running the hospital with impunity.

Moyo is allegedly running the hospital "like his own". The workers accuse the administrator of being very unprofessional in treating workers and patients.

"He is running the hospital as if he owns it. He doesn't have respect for the nurses and patients. uyenza umathanda"  reads part docile sent to Bulawayo24 News.

"Guys this guy is tossing around with the nurses ngentamo. He want things to be done ngentando yakhe only and all the time."

A senior member of staff at the hospital agreed with the concerns expressed in the mail sent to this media.

The member of staff confirmed that indeed Mr Moyo is in the habit of harassing both patients and workers willy nilly.

"Its true, the acting administrator's administration style is very difficult to work with. He runs all over the hospital harassing both nurses and patients for no clear cut reason."

The mail sent through to this paper further accuses a hospital fundraising board of squandering funds meant to have been used for the upgrading of the hospital mortuary. Confirmed reports are that the hospital mortuary is near to non existent as the refrigeration is always  faulty and there is no lighting inside the mortuary. A pungent smell can be smelt coming from the mortuary while still at a distance and on getting to the mortuary there is visible infestation of flies leaving one wondering how the situation inside is.

"The mortuary is in a very bad state lights are not functioning well even ukunuka," wrote the sources a fact which Bulawayo24 confirmed through a visit to the hospital.

"There is board members raising funds to renovate the mortuary and lemali yakhona seyadliwa. There is no community involvement in the project and not even a single donor is published except for CBZ and Metbank who donated dust bins. There are greedy people and thieves at Gwanda hospital," wrote the sources.

A visit to the hospital confirmed a serious shortage of bedding, linen and utensils for patients at the hospital. Patients are now told to bring their own pyjamas and bedding as the hospital does not have enough to provide the patients. The senior staff member talked to, accused some staff members of selling some of the hospital material and equipment to people outside the hospital. The food ration for patients is also terrible as patients complained of not getting enough food nor a healthy diet befitting people in hospital.

"We are as good as people in prison here. There is no bedding and the food we get is so poorly made and of very little quantity. Its not that all patients in hospital are critically ill as to fail to eat. We are being starved here. We are not demanding to be treated like in a hotel but must be treated like patients not prisoners" said a male patient who was sitting with "friends" outside the male ward of the hospital.

The history of Gwanda Hospital material being sold outside the hospital has been going on for several years now. In 2012 some bedding and linen from the hospital was found being used by small scale miners at near by Tshindeni Mine and the miners confirmed having bought the material from some hospital staff.

Gwanda Hospital is the only referral hospital for the entire Matabeleland South and is a sorry sight for the stature it is afforded. Calls have always been made by leaders in the province for the construction of a new provincial hospital for Matabelend South but they have always fallen on deaf ears.

Source - Byo24News
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