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Independence Day once again

by Sipho Sibanda
18 Apr 2017 at 23:32hrs | Views
One would ask why the day has any significance. If we NOT celebrating Independence why even take note of the day.

Sadly we must do so, because of what it was meant to be. This day our grandfathers and mothers died fighting for. They fought so we could be free and not go to into areas that were supposed to be for Blacks ONLY or seat on a seat in the park that is for BLACKS ONLY.

They fought so that we could have equal  education, so we may be recognised as equals. It was for all the right reasons. BUT the unthinkable happened, Robert Mugabe was handed Zimbabwe. Then through his insecurities and other reasons decided to massacre 20000 people in Matabeleland.  If only he had stopped there but he managed to divide the nation tribally so well that hatred trickled from the top to the bottom man on the street. This and the fear he drove into his subordinates has kept him in power oh yes not forgetting the rigging of course.

So today as he paraded at the national sports stadium in Harare calling for "unity and tolerance of political differences". One wonders what his point is? What political differences? If anybody has any in Zimbabwe they get charged on treason. So what on Zimbabwe's name is he talking about?

As he did that miles away in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A few ZAPU members and their supporters gathered to mark the day. It just could not go by unmarked as I mentioned. The theme was definitely not a celebratory one.  It was hoping for a New Zimbabwe. One with Human Rights for all that are respected and observed. We ZAPU feel  ZANU has no regard to any Human Rights, be it Freedom of association, or Freedom or speech or Freedom to have a different political opinion. This is just the tip of the rights we fight for and hope the New Zimbabwe one that is NOT led by ZANU will bring.

We just wish the International community could assist in Zimbabwe's plea that has been echoed for a while now. A lot of activists have gone missing without a trace, some activists have been sitting in prisons without trials, a lot keeps happening and the world chooses to turn a blind eye. How long will the children of Zimbabwe suffer while we wait for this New Day. Will the 2018 votes even bring change or will they see us through another rigged process with a lot of dead and missing people. These are all the questions going through most Zimbabweans minds.

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Source - Sipho Sibanda