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Ezra Tshisa condemns Zim sloganeering

by Stephen Jakes
25 Jul 2017 at 07:39hrs | Views
Former ZBC presenter Ezra Tshisa Sibanda has condemned the Zimbabwean [political parties sloganeering which is based on ridiculing each other saying it is getting to mad levels.

"Zimbabweans sloganeering, ridiculing fellow opposition parties, getting mad at those that announce themselves on the political field, fighting & jostling for positions, organising big rallies etc won't bring about change to our beautiful nation," Sibanda said.

"I realised a lot of time is spent concentrating on Zanu PF infighting instead of finding a proper strategy on how to defeat them in 2018 elections. We had 5 years as citizens to reorganise and push for reforms but did nothing and less than a year to the elections we still don't have voters roll."

"Are we really serious we want to enter these 2018 elections when it's a foregone conclusion the results will be the same? ZEC says it doesn't have 2013 voters roll and doesn't know how many people were registered to vote by then and we take their word, enter 2018 elections as if all is well ,unbelievable madness."

He said ZEC should be forced by courts to avail voter's roll for 2013 and need it to be destroyed in public.

"We need a strategy, we need intelligence, we need proper research and reorganisation before even thinking of entering the 2018 elections. Trust the new biometric voters registration at your own peril and don't be shocked names of the deceased people finding their way into the new voters roll," he said.

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