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ZAPU Europe holds a 'successful' AGM

by Own correspondent
06 May 2013 at 22:56hrs | Views
Dr Admore Tshuma speaking at ZAPU's Annual General Meeting in Birmingham this weekend argued that the top 20% of earners in Zimbabwe should pay what he termed "solidarity tax" as a way of redistributing wealth in the country. Dr Tshuma believes that the solidarity tax could help stop intergenerational anger which might end up civil strife. ZAPU believes in devolution of power which in essence will rebalance the country's skewed wealth distribution in favour of those who bear allegiance to Zanu-PF and Mugabe, which unfortunately, the majority come from his tribe. Those who have been on the receiving end for over 30 years are angry and unless and until deliberate and calibrated measures are taken to redress this anomaly it is clear where the country is headed.

Mr Artwell Ndlovu, who had just arrived from Zimbabwe, pointed out that ZAPU stands a very good chance of upsetting the GNU parties in the forthcoming elections as ZAPU was the initiator of the liberation struggle, both political and armed struggle and that now, ZAPU has come up with what he calls a 'permanent solution' meaning the devolution of power concept. Mr Ndlovu argued that some political parties are just jumping onto the devolution of power band wagon without understanding the concept nor embedding the concept in their organisational ethos, this is evidenced by their incongruence when it comes to practice, for example,  you find that someone seeking to be a member of Parliament where he was not born in.

The AGM was a resounding success, the spirit and enthusiasm was amazing, it was as if you could touch the happiness with your own hands and smell the glorious fragrance of hope. The anthem of the day was a song called "noma ningangitshelanga ngiyamazi ubaba". The significance of the song was clear, people are back fully to their lovely party, the people's party.

"The ZAPU Europe has been stabilised" said Mr Christopher Maphosa, the Chairperson of the province, to ecstatic cheers. Mr Maphosa outlined the problems his executive encountered when they came to office and what has been done to redress those problems. He stated that people out there now have confidence in ZAPU and are ready to re-join and join the party, only what is needed now is to reach-out to these potential members.  

Ms Susan Ndlovu set the house on fire with her passionate and eloquent delivery, she pointed out that ZAPU has recently held a joint conference for ZAWU and Youth Front, where an interim national ZAWU structure was enacted, she said "ZAWU is the wings of the party" akin to what Dr Dabengwa alluded to when the national ZAWU structure was formed.

Mr Mlamlankunzi Nkomo, a very fiery and versatile speaker, who is the National People's Council represantative and the Chairperson of the Elections Campaign Support Committee (ECSC), gave his vision and electoral strategy for the forthcoming national elections. He was quick to point out that everybody has a role to play in uplifting ZAPU's profile. Mr Nkomo stated that his team consists of two sub-committees, the Resource Mobilisation Team and the Marketing and Publicity Team. After Mr Nkomo's oration someone started singing a song which went like this "… uNkomo wethu sizomlandela…" Yes, the man is gifted, he can move you to tears.

For the very first time the financial transparency, professionalism and prudent management exhibited by Mr Siqhelile Ndlovu was just unbelievable. He went on to report on the sources of finance, how the finances were used and how is in the bank. "This man is amazing", Mr Mhlanga said, referring to Mr Ndlovu's financial management and transparency. Mr Ndlovu put to shame the previous financial secretaries who worked in dark alleys and never properly accounted how the funds were used.

In conclusion, the ZAPU Secretary General Dr Ralph Mguni, told the house that ZAPU is getting there, that the journey so far had not been easy, but we are getting there. Dr Mguni stated that there is only one party in Zimbabwe which can resolve the issue of gukurahundi, it is ZAPU and that that country is ungovernable without ZAPU. ZAPU is the only mature and fair political party, which can bring about proper closure to the issue of gukurahundi and other human rights violations committed by Zanu-PF.

Source - Byo24News