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First ZAPU demonstrations at the Zimbabwe Embassy, London a resounding Success

by Thulani Nkala
17 Aug 2014 at 09:40hrs | Views

ZAPU is gaining in strength; ZAPU is gathering momentum, today ZAPU held activities in Bulawayo; Gwanda and London. ZAPU seems to be the only visible and functional opposition party in Zimbabwe today. Many people knew that it was only a matter of time before ZAPU assumed its rightful place in the opposition trenches before it finally takes its rightful place in government.

The demonstration was held in front of 429 The Strand, The Zimbabwe House, which is the Zimbabwe Embassy today on the 16th August 2014. Since its revival in 2008, this was ZAPU's first demonstration in London. The demonstrations started on a slow pace but as the numbers grew the songs became more militant, vibrant and loud.

In a way the demonstration turned into a rally, Mr Christopher Maphosa, the Provincial Chairperson of ZAPU took the centre stage and chaired the rally. With his rich knowledge of the liberation struggle and the Zimbabwean politics in particular he kept people captivated and their ears glued to every word which proceeded from his mouth. Speaker after speaker bemoaned the violation of human rights in Zimbabwe by the government of Robert Mugabe. They decried the humiliation and the dehumanisation of Zimbabweans who were once regarded as civilised by the world. Most speakers pointed out that the time might have come to effect a new paradigm shift in terms of approaching the Zimbabwean politics.

In attendance were other organisations such as ROHR, Zimvigil, Yes we can, and a representative of the Tamil Tigers and Mr Graham Williamson from an organisation called Nations Without States.

"We should always know who we are, we should always know where we are going, that is our final destination, by so doing, it does not matter what the enemy does, the enemy can change tactics but as long as we know where we are going we won't be dissuaded from pursuing our cause" said Mr Themba Mthethwa one of the ZAPU speakers.

Mr Arthur Molife, a ZAPU stalwart based in London raised crucial issues, "we should start making our presence felt, we should march to 10 Downing Street and we should occupy the Zimbabwe Embassy, by so doing, Britain and Europe will start listening to our grievances and stop entertaining dictators" Mr Molife said to a raucous applause.  

Dr Ralph Mguni was also in attendance and was also asked to give an impromptu speech; Dr Mguni set the stage alight with his popular war-time songs. Dr Mguni said that in 1984 Zimbabwean Ministers were siphoning about £7 million a day to safe havens abroad and now as the country slowly urges to the brink of totally collapse the corruption has reached alarming proportions. Dr Mguni said that the next incoming government will have a mountain-task to climb in terms of changing the culture which has pervaded the whole of the civil service departments.  "Unorthodox and creative measures will have to be taken in order to change this culture of corruption, otherwise, if the trend is left to its own devices the country will not recover from this calamitous state" Dr Mguni said.

People started asking Dr Mguni some questions about what ZAPU will do differently from the MDCs in order to withstand shenanigans and pressure from ZANU. Dr Mguni stated that the greatest mistake that the MDCs made was to assume that power in Zimbabwe will only come from the ballot. He explained that the 'misrulers' have misruled and committed heinous crimes to an extent that they won't let go except made to let go.

On the 5th August 2014, ZANU PF hoodlums invaded Dr Dabengwa's farm, one of the ZAPU placards read "ZAPU will defend Dr Dumiso's leadership". These demonstrations were as a result of these direct human rights violations by ZANU PF which have gone unchallenged for a very long time. Some people felt that ZAPU as a liberation movement should go back to the drawing board and assume its historic instincts of repelling dictators by 'any means necessary' before the country reaches irredeemable levels.

Source - Thulani Nkala