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PDZ State Of the Party Address (SOPA)

by Stephen Jakes
17 Sep 2015 at 05:55hrs | Views
President of the Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe Barbra Nyagomo has made her party's  maide State of the party Address urging Zimbabweans to be progressive and realise the set backs created by the current ruling government.

She made the address while in the United Kingdom where her party celebrated its first anniversary.

"Today is a great day as PDZ celebrates its one year anniversary.  Our aim during our first infancy year was to brand the party and let people understand our ideology and political values," she said.

"PDZ is a political party which was founded by Barbara Nyagomo modelled by her Nursing , social work and Christian values. PDZ is a people-centred party hence our slogan is People First. We are patriotic hence we say "Your Zimbabwe, My Zimbabwe, Our Zimbabwe.

We are progressive We advocate for collective leadership. Our members are part of the decision making processes. We believe that politicians are the people's servants. PDZ  was registered on the 14th of September 2014 and we have managed to participate in June 2015 By -Elections."

Nyagomo said membership is in Zimbabwe ,South Africa , Botswana and United Kingdom.

"We now have members and Representatives in all Zimbabwe's 10 provinces. Zimbabweans have come of age as far as politics is concerned. I would like to pay tribute to both the  rural and urban people of this country who are braving the serious national crisis we face today. I know that the economic crisis is always worse in rural areas where people have very little means and options for survival and that most of the people being retrenched in droves," she said.

"Given the current state of the economy, I know most of you cannot afford basics such as food, medical care and education for your children. Our economy needs resuscitation."

Nyagomo said they  as PDZ have faced many challenges but their passion is  to make a difference in different communities.

"I am a humanitarian who is working with different people across the globe. While the crisis is huge even in the urban areas, I know and I am certain that it is worse in the rural areas like Chendambuya where I grew up. I know that the impending starvation will be felt more in the rural areas, what with the current grain shortages as we face yet another bleak agricultural season," said Nyagomo.

"Indeed, I salute you and all the people in the country's rural areas for your resilience and unstinting belief in this great people's project. As we celebrate the 1st birthday of this party, we must all take time to reflect and remember all those who have suffered for democracy, stability and progress to take root in this country."

"Today, we take time to remember the heroes of the liberation struggle who fought for the independence of this by insisting that the freedom they fought and died for must indeed be lived and enjoyed by all Zimbabweans. We remember and salute the liberation war icons the a decorated cadre like Solomon Mujuru , Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo," she said.

Nyagomo said  she  think change comes from small fires and small initiatives by the younger generation of our country.

"When these small fires are lit and fanned, they grow and become a big wild fire. We cannot wait for a great vision from one great person.We advocate for equal opportunities for all Zimbabweans regardless of their colour, creed or race. We shall continue to advocate for appointment of women and youths to leadership positions," she said.

"Our collective efforts can make a difference. It is up to us the younger generation to light up our own fires to bring about the change we want. Zimbabwe I am not great and do not want to be. What I am doing is to light up my own small fire in the darkness hoping that you too will do the same. Together we can make our country work again. Come let us all join hands.  We belong together as a community. Zimbabwe is our motherland. We must all fight for our dignity. Let's rid of inhumanity and indignity o has reduced us to be vendors in our own country."

Source - Byo24News
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