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Bids for new '£5 note' exceeds £35,000 on eBay

by Moyo Roy
11 Oct 2016 at 16:51hrs | Views
A new £5 note has reached over £35,000 on eBay with only 5bids.

The bank note has a serial number beginning with AK47.

According to BBC, the new bank notes with low serial numbers are attractive to collectors. "Extra value comes when there is something unusual about them, as is the case with the first plastic notes to be issued by the Bank of England."

"A total of 440 million new £5 notes have been printed. About one million have AA01 serial numbers, but some are not in general circulation. The very lowest serial number notes are handed to the Queen."

Some people have been selling the new note for around £40 on eBay.

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Source - Byo24News