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CIOs accused of targeting MRP and its leader Mqondisi Moyo

by Stephen Jakes
17 Dec 2016 at 16:36hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has accused the President's office of targeting its members and its leader Mqondisi Moyo with the efforts of blocking the Mthwakazi restoration agenda.

 Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said his party is disgruntled and dismayed by the poor policing standards of the police.

"We are disappointed that ZRP have allowed itself to be used by Zanu PF as its weapon of mass destruction of discerning voices. We are fully convinced that the ZR Police at Jotsholo Police station did what ever they did against us, as an order of someone in Harare most probably one of Zanu PF' s factions leaders especially Lacoste," said Gumbo.

On the 14th December 2016 MRP President Mqondisi Moyo, Secretary General Hloniphani Ncube, Treasure Brighton Sibanda, Secretary for Information and Publicity  Mbonisi Gumbo, Nkanyiso Ngulube, Clearance Ndlovu, together with 5 of Women's League leadership that include Cora Ncube, S Dube Treasure, Mat North chair lady MaNdlovu, Madube and Sakhile Nkomo, were arrested at the party celebrations in Lupane, and unlawfully detained at Jotsholo Police station and Lupane police station for close to 48 hours despite the fact that it was clear they  had no case to answer except that they only wanted to punish them for political and tribal reasons.

"From the very first moment we were arrested the police made it vivid to us that they had a directive to arrest Mqondisi Moyo whether he had a case to answer or not, only because they wanted to comply with the directive. They claimed that the meeting was unlawful since it was not cleared by the police, despite the fact that the section they were quoting says inform the regulatory authority. The law says we must inform the regulatory authority in fact police are not mentioned and to us every chief is a regulatory authority in his or her jurisdiction of authority which is why the Lupane community notified him of the well attended community event," he said.

"What surprises us most was the fact that police officers actually attended the celebrations at Gumede primary school grounds. They were there from the start to the end. The local community knew them and they told them to come closer and they refused. The community further called the police to come and eat like everyone else still they refused to eat. Everything was peaceful there was know incidents of violence or anything of that nature because it was a community initiative and everyone wanted to see it being a success."

Gumbo said after the President speech, a closing prayer was also made, surprisingly they saw many police officers coming to the grounds in full anti riot regalia, guns, etc.

"They demanded to see Mqondisi Moyo, we questioned them why only him? They said they wanted to question him. We then told them that it was unnecessary to see him over the function because he knew nothing about it he was not the convenor or the organiser, but still they insisted that he was the convenor of the illegal gathering. We allowed them to take Mqondisi Moyo on condition that he would not go alone after the police threatened violence if we don't comply. After they had taken him they drew up a line that as they take Mqondisi Moyo no one should cross it but we couldn't allow them to take our President before they explain to us the reason why is he being taken from us. So we also crossed that line and refused to have our President taken alone and we chose to be arrested together with him though they charged us separately with one of the most stupid charge. I have never ever seen police stooping that low. All this was being led by officer in charge Jotsholo police camp Inspector Muza, who looked to me as someone who was confused by the situation," he said.

"They took us to Jotsholo police station but on our way to the station the two officers who looked to me as the main actors Inspector Muza and one detective who is one of the police officers who attended our celebration party constable Takaza better known as TK, were making endless phone calls to Disporo, Proporo, Bulawayo police and Harare including CIO because I was carefully observing them and listening to their conversations. You could tell that they were being coached by an invisible hand of a satanist somewhere in Harare as usually."

He said on arrival at the police camp we were all told we are now under arrest, we requested for the charge so that we inform our Lawyer they didn't have it.

"The officer in charge then called for a meeting amongst themselves and the different phone calls were coming in after every 20 minutes from the unknown satanist who was directing things through phone on our case, they charged us with many charges and dropped them and you could just feel pity for the poor police officers being used by Zanu PF witches and wizards in Harare to persecute us for being Ndebele and refusing to be second class citizens anymore," he said. 

"The officer in Charge came and read to us our collective charge that was section 25 of convening a public gathering without notifying the regulatory authority, we then told our Lawyer a few minutes later that charge was now for Mqondisi Moyo alone, while the 10 of us were now being charged separately with attending or participating in a gathering meant to cause violence and or bigotry using section 37, which was all fabricated by Shona tribalists who only wanted to punish us for being Ndebele and refusing to be second class citizens anymore."

He said in the midst of all the confusion the officers treated them well, as MRP they must commend them for treating them so well with respect and being nice to  them.

"They didn't harass us or beat us at the police camp in all the two days we were there, for that we are happy. The only problem was the police cells which we were made to sleep in were so pathetic and a health hazard, there is no ventilation, there is a toilet with blocked sower system and the infrastructure at the camp is all pathetic and not good for human beings especially the police themselves because they were using the same blocked toilets with us including bathing, we wouldn't want our Mthwakazi Republic Police to work in a pathetic environment like that never," he said.

"The investigations lasted for 28 hours, we were questioned on the first day  up to 1am before we were placed in custody, the next day we spent it again being questioned one by one at Jotsholo police station, after that ZR Police detectives from Lupane also came and started questioning us all over again asking the same questions, and the phone calls were coming in still after every 20 minutes over our purported case."

He said aAfter the investigations in the evening they then took Mqondisi Moyo to Lupane and left the ten of them.

"But according to our President Mqondisi Moyo the police in Lupane also treated him well they didn't harass him or beat him except that they further questioned him in Lupane asking the same things for hours, which I think they thought we will say something different. According to the President the officer in charge Inspector Given Dube then after questioning Mr Moyo he also gave him a lecture that was full of threats against our President for over an hour but he says considering what we know about police and had about them he thinks they didn't treat him bad and we applaud them for that," he said.

"The last day in custody which is yesterday, the ten of us were taken to Hwange Magistrate court while Mqondisi Moyo was taken to Lupane court where he was subsequently realised on way of summons while the rest of us will be back at the Hwange Megastrate courts on the 20th of January 2017. Our conclusion of this matter is that we have no case to answer we didn't commit any crime and we will not commit any crime, but we will continue with our Restoration agenda without fear or favour. We are going forward stronger and stronger each day MRP is the people 's party and we stand guided by them whatever they say we will do. Judging from the conversations on phone calls between the police officers one could notice that the Lacoste faction led by Mnangagwa has a hand in this matter based on tribalism they are known of. Just last week after, Gorge Charamba Aka Nathaniel Manheru who doubles up as both Mugabe and Lacoste faction spokesman spoke strongly against Mthwakazi politics and even implicated his own party members as being part of Mthwakazi politics we were then arrested. "

He said considering also the fact that everyone believes that Mnangagwa an alleged Lacoste faction leader has a good relationship with the police, CIO and army he could have been the one after Mqondisi Moyo's life.

"He could be the one directing police to persecute us for his own selfish ambitions. Mnangagwa as far as MRP is concerned must never be allowed to be Zimbabwean President he is disaster for both countries of Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe. With his proven history of killing opponents, Gukurahundi, tribalism, international diamond  thief, smuggling syndicate leader and corruption it will be an error to have him as President in either country. The only place that is fit for him is prison together with his accomplices,"  he said.

"We are fully convinced that the CIO played a key role in our arrest, just like they did with the four Mlamuli villagers who were later exonerated by the courts from any wrong doing. The court rightly pointed out that the policing standards of this country have gone down and the police have allowed the CIO to capture them for their own selfish political interests. We are aware that the CIO is playing a key role in the Zanu PF succession politics to replace the 93 year old Zanu PF leader."

 He said Mnangagwa's presidential ambitions are in danger because of Matabeleland question over Gukurahundi genocide hence all this harassment is meant to destroy Mthwakazi for Mnangagwa's safe landing to State house

"MRP will never die and we will live to see our free Mthwakazi state whether anyone likes it or not. Amandla ngawethu, uMthwakazi ngowethu, Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka," he said.

Source - Byo24News