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Close ancient doors of exploitation of Ndebele, Shona - Move on, be like the British, English, Welsh or Scottish

by Ryton Dzimiri
17 Dec 2016 at 18:59hrs | Views
Tribe is a strong precipitant to weaken inferior Nations and rule over them.  It constricts them to perpetual poverty where their worthlessness is only beneficial to other strong Nations.  While strong Nations worry about how to invest in Silicon Valley to research more about materials to invent Artificial Intelligence, tribe-constricted Shona and Ndebele are busy plotting "who can suppress which tribe to me be the benefactor?"

Constricted and inferior tribal minds use set-up constricted historical boundaries as a harvesting bate. In order for a Shona to win a tribal debate against a Ndebele, important years are set as boundaries. Years like AD 900 when the Karanga came to Zimbabwe. For a Ndebele to win a debate against a Shona, year 1830 becomes the boundary because Mzilikazi conquered the Shona in that year just as Europeans conquered Red Indians in America.

Constricted minds have an inherent incapacity to think beyond an empty, virtual set-up boundary. History asserts with empirical scientific evidence, that humanity originated from central Africa. We agree that due to search for greener pastures, 6000 years ago, people started to migrate to the South from Central Africa.

To get to dates like AD 900 which the Shona settled in Zimbabwe from Central Africa, it was late. The Nguni tribes had traversed through Zimbabwe from Central Africa much earlier and they had settled in South Africa. They were only stopped by the ocean to travel further South. The question of who came to Zimbabwe first, the Ndebele or the Shona? The evidence based Scientific and empirical answer would be the Ndebele. This happened before the birth of Christ while the Shona settled in Zimbabwe 900 years after the birth of Christ. At the end of the day, we all came from Central Africa only divided by different times.

Anywhere, why is the notion that "I came here first" so divisive to people of African descent? Why is it so strong that it overrides the quintessential value of working towards a prosperously rewarding quality lifestyle? Why is an English, Welsh and Scottish man who conquered Aborigines far away in Australia and very late in year 1787 so interested in the quality of life of an Australian more than the issue of who is of Scottish, Welsh or English origin? Can we learn from Rhodesians who changed our Country into a World-Class country in just 15 years (1896- 1911)? Is it a lie that we would be more prosperous if we had accommodated Rhodesians at Independence in 1980?

What is wrong with the Shona and the Ndebele after nearly two hundred years of sharing Zimbabwe, or after millions of years of living together in North and Central Africa where our Genes are evidenced?

Tribe is a tool of the inferior and this is the same key-tool that Cecil John Rhodes exploited to unlock his loot of trillions of Dollars' worth of minerals and inferior labour in Rhodesia.

Tribe is the tool that our current leaders used to reduce Zimbabwe from a wealthy country it was in 1980 to a sorry state it is today.

Potholes, ghost factories, extinct National Currency, dilapidated Air lines, corroded rail systems, inferior hospitals, exported workforce, dry Christmas, Marginalised Citizens, Partisan Justice, Selective Rule of Law, Schizophrenic Citizens, diseased children, corrupt police, squabbling politicians, Divided Tribes, Loud Schizophrenic Parliament, False promises, Angry and impoverished Citizens, in-accountable leaders, millionaires who can't explain their sources?

If tribe was abolished at the very inception of our Independence in 1980, we would be one of the strongest of the World probably like South Korea. We are finely educated and diligently curious across all our tribes and creed. None, of any Zimbabwean tribe is known to have less I.Q than the other. Our problem is just that we failed to remove divisive tribalism right from Independence.  We failed to risk-assess. We saw tribe when we awarded opportunity, we saw tribe when we voted, we saw tribe when we educated our children, we saw tribe when we allocated aid, tribe when we selected our Judges, tribe when we built Police, tribe when we employed, tribe when we recruited army, tribe when we judged criminals, tribe when we arbitrated warring factions, tribe in issuance of scholarship.

We worked hard to divide ourselves into poverty and vulnerability and we are reaping equitably in dire poverty.

Nations who are serious about Racism, Tribalism and all sorts of favouritism also have dedicated impartial justices where the marginalised persons can sue for marginalisation. Suing for any sort of discrimination is the strongest tool to create a strong Nation which is capable to build a strong economy. Building an economy needs an incorruptible Justice System. It is step number one.

In Britain, if a Welshman feels that he has been deprived of opportunity because he is Welsh, he takes legal action. If it is a Ministry which is found to have deprived him of opportunity, the deprived gets compensated of, not thousands, but millions of pounds. The Minister for such a department automatically resigns and the officers responsible get dismissed and banned never again to work where public trust is key. This Civilised approach means that any Company, Ministry or Private Sector will NEVER MARGINALISE a Citizen in fear of heavy consequences.

If this Model of The Rule of Law had been strictly adopted in Zimbabwe in 1980, we would be as economically stable as South Korea. In China, it is punishable by death to be corrupt.

Instead of further perpetuating a Model of Lawlessness and Tribalism in Zimbabwe, we should be sitting down to see when we are instituting a genuine new Rule of Law? If this is instituted, in action not mare words, our Nation would trust our currency. Public satisfaction would precipitate National Growth. Our World-Scattered Citizens would come back home bringing money, expertise, a new civilised culture and prosperity. We would be like Israel.

A continuation of the same as now means even the rich Millionaires would seek to take their money to better-managed countries. For whose good then is today's Zimbabwe? Which tribe, as it stands today is happy about the state of hospitals? Which tribe in Zimbabwe is happy about the surreptitious currency we are using now? Do our leaders trust our corroded hospitals? Do they Bank in our Country? Which Diasporean, based Zimbabwean wants to take their child to settle in Zimbabwe as it is? What difference will be brought by a new leader cultured in corrupt Zimbabwe? How would he run the country free from the bias of tribe and corruption? Which year do we expect there to be a new product labelled "invented in Zimbabwe"?

Instead of dividing ourselves even more, let us humble ourselves, apologise to those countrymen we treated unjustly and institute a strong incorruptible Rule of Law where anyone who deals corruptly is stripped of asserts to compensate the victim.

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Source - Ryton Dzimiri