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'Am not fazed by Ndebele coward remarks,' Linda Masarira vows

by Staff Reporter
19 Dec 2016 at 08:00hrs | Views
Female activist Linda Masarira who stand accused of  labeling the  Ndebele tribe as a bunch of cowards scared to confront President Robert Mugabe has come out guns blazing describing the issue as a mere a storm in a teacup.

She insist she is not a tribalist as her mother is a Ndebele.

In  interview excerpts gleaned on Sunday, Masarira said  she instead feel insulted by people who claim she insulted Ndebele people.

"I will never insult myself, my mother or any human being. It is inhumane and satanic to discriminate people on any threshold, be it racial, ethnic, political, sex or tribe" she is quoted saying.

She says her alleged remarks were fabricated by her rivals.

"If you do your research, you will discover that despite the presence of numerous journalists at this event, this story was created, written and then given to a journalist by people I considered to be my brothers in the struggle for a better Zimbabwe.

"It is not the first time that these people have acted in such a retrogressive manner to sabotage me and my efforts to fight for a better Zimbabwe.

"They have been brewing these teacup storms for quite some time now.

"I am, however, shocked at the immature levels exhibited by some people we call our leaders. I have worked and stayed in Bulawayo for many years. I have done my activism in Bulawayo".

According to Masarira, the controversy wont force her to quit activism.

"Unfortunately, that will never break me, for anything built on nothing amounts to nothing. After all, this is just but a teacup storm which can never even choke me".

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