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Mugabe deprived young people of their potential bright future- Magaisa

by Stephen Jakes
21 Dec 2016 at 04:48hrs | Views
A political commentator Alex Magaisa has lamented that while President Robert Mugabe always enjoy pleasures with his family in the Far East, several young people who could have managed a good life if not of his mismanagement of the country would be wallowing in perpetual poverty and suffering.

He said Robert Mugabe and his family will probably be spending the next month enjoying the pleasures of the Far East or the Middle East or both.

"They can afford anything, anywhere. But here is how Mugabe's inept leadership has robbed young girls of their lives. The innocent are being sent to the slaughter. They are born into the world of the condemned. Mugabe wants to live to 100 but these girls will be lucky to hit 20," he said.

"As the great Mandela once said, Zimbabwe's problem is a tragic failure of leadership. Yet there are some men and women who cheer and ululate at Mugabe's feet. Sycophants who tell him he's the greatest when this is what his leadership has done to people."

Source - Byo24News