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Gweru man fires shots as sex worker refuses with change

by Staff Reporter
23 Dec 2016 at 04:00hrs | Views
 An angry man who is still at large created drama in Mkoba High Density suburb in Gweru on Monday morning when he fired two warning shots to force a sex worker who had allegedly refused to give him change after they engaged in the act.

Midlands Police spokesperson Joel Goko confirmed the incident but declined to release the name of the accused for fear of jeopardising investigations.

 Tracy Chihambakwe was allegedly  given $50 by a client whom she had met in a bar at around 8pm on Sunday night and they agreed on $10 for the service.

They went to Chihambakwe's place but the complainant refused to give the accused his change of $40 insisting that the client had given her a torrid time in bed and the cost of her services had therefore shot to $50.

The source said Chihambakwe had actually left the $50 with her permanent boyfriend at the bar and had no money on her. The furious man left only to return early on Monday morning armed with a gun.

He found Chihambakwe and her permanent boyfriend who had returned from the bar relaxing in the room and fired two warning shots that sent Chihambakwe fleeing for dear life.

The petrified permanent boyfriend emptied his pockets and handed over $7 which was all he had. The accused is said to have disappeared after leaving a stern warning that he wanted his money back.

Neighbours who heard the gunshots rushed to the place and then made a report to the Police.

 "I can confirm that on Monday morning there was open fire at Tracy Chihambakwe's house. The shooting was after she allegedly failed to give her client change of $40.

"We understand that the shooter who is still at large had agreed with Chihambakwe to pay $10 for sexual services but because he did not have change he gave Chihambakwe $50. After the services the shooter demanded his change but Chihambakwe indicated that she had given him the change," said Goko

Source - Masvingo Mirror