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Coalition of opposition parties: is it mutually beneficial?

by Advocate Tapiwa Diamond Chadya
23 Dec 2016 at 18:04hrs | Views
The rightful candidate to lead the opposition pack: Morgan Tsvangirai has survived it all.

As we merry make, we are constantly reminded of how Christmas used to be back in the days and how it has all changed now. We need to keep our minds open for any new possibilities that will put Zimbabwe on the tracks again. From wherever we were as a country to what we are now, a lot has changed and the nation is on its knees with no solid hope of recovery.

Zimbabwe has been riddled with failed economic adjustment plans and massive exploitation by the ruling elites in Zanu PF. As a result every investment opportunity has been grabbed by those with the means of corruption for personal gain. Dry as it is, Zimbabwe has been further driven into the tightest corners by the introduction of the inconsistently printed bond notes; whose fakes actually look better than the original ones! Such move from the finance has been put under the microscopic eye. Zimbabwe ruins t its best!

Robert Mugabe and his looting brigade have been rightfully judged based on the current economic and social blunders of their own making. Their own looting and fiscal policies, as well as the high levels of counterfeited production has not done any good for the Zimbabwean community. Indeed Zanu PF can afford to repeat the same mistakes over and over again as there is no solid political challenge out there.

As 2018 nears, the sudden surge of Zanu PF interest in the masses can never go unnoticed. Since when is the old and dysfunctional Zanu PF a devoted partner for Zimbabwe's poverty alleviation? It is all for the votes of course. The ruling party has already started campaigning for 2018 whilst the opposition parties will wait for the last weekend. Zanu PF is busy dishing out food packages to garner votes whilst the opposition is busy criticizing that. There is no morality police and the opposition must play dirty. People are hungry and they need food.

After transforming Africa's bread basket into a begging basket and off the rails, there is nothing godly about Zanu Pf, save for a few novelty pieces of Psychology Maziwisa's new found faith. Let Maziwisa spread this God to Zanu PF. There is no form of agricultural development, and there is no olive branch to the poor that will come from Zanu PF besides a few packets of grain and regalia for election purposes. It is common cause that Zimbabwe has been faced with unending misery and that needs urgent attention.

The problems facing Zimbabwe are government-man-made and the sad part is that the masses have no mechanisms or measures to instill transparency and transformation in the government. There has been too much fear within the people of Zimbabwe.

For every political party of any government, the definitive focal point should be improving the citizens' livelihood, industrialization, food security, public health, disease prevention and reduction as well as investment. This however is alien for Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

The 2018 Elections' timeous arrival in Zimbabwe comes at a critical moment for the poverty-stricken nation which is still reeling the after effects of the diamond exploitation by the few elites in Zanu PF. The Zanu Pf capitalistic behavior has increased the Gini-coefficient gap. The cavity between the rich and the poor and has unfortunately become a major threat to the stability in the rich nation of Zimbabwe.

Through the politically correct but poorly done agrarian land reform, the achievements of the liberation war have been totally reversed. The achievements in the agricultural sector which emanated from the projects built from the grass roots have all but gone in the drain. Zimbabwe had made herself a case study for agrarian activities in developing countries but currently Zimbabwe's development has been hampered by excessive looting and over accumulation of farms by those without the farming capabilities.

Hogging the means of production is no way the same as controlling the means of production. Zanu Pf elites have taken over by force the means of production, but they are not in control of the means of production. They have ran down and hogged the means of production. This has added stress on the agricultural modernization and industrialization. This has further been made worse by problems of drought, cash shortages, lack of structural development, and adequate energy supplies to sustain agrarian and manufacturing activities.

It is an open secret that most economies of the world still remain poor due to pitiable investment, or a lack of investment or adequate attention to the modernization of the agricultural sector. Self-sustainability in food production should be the foundation of many African government's service delivery focal point. Instead of depending on the condition infested US-AID handouts, Zimbabwe should create jobs which reduced its poverty levels. This is a missing link in Zimbabwe and Africa's development efforts. Africa has to devise a plan which alleviates the dangers of donor aid dependency.

Investors are naturally attracted by low industrialization levels on the continent. This presents huge opportunities for the industrial cooperation within Africa for Africa. This progressive approach has huge potential of helping the continent in developing its industrial capacity through technology transfer especially from African companies.

With these current circumstances, the only way for a new Zimbabwe is through a coalition of opposition parties. Question is, at what point should opposition parties join hands? Who should lead the pact? Is it the tried and tested only or it is going to be an all inclusive?

The beneficiary of any pact should be the citizens of Zimbabwe. How does one reconcile the stand point of the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T and that of Prof. Welshman Ncube, let alone the Constitutional Assembly of Prof. Lovemore Madhuku, PDP of Tendai Biti and Hossiah Chipanga's till Jesus comes earthly kingdom political party? With everyone forming their own political party every other third day, the sole heir which benefits from such is Zanu PF in its G40 and or Lacoste factions.

Any other opposition party formed is a weapon that is there to dismantle any solid attempts to fight Zanu PF. People have become power hungry and this has led to the formation of the brief case or car boot political parties. The Tsvangirai led party is justified in sifting its coalition partners to focus on those who are counted and recognized. It will be a travesty of justice for the established parties to have a coalition with political nonentities who neither have a branch nor a national executive committee. There should be a coalition of parties, but let it be a coalition of the solid politicals who have already done the ground work. It will be unfair to ask the established political parties to have an equal say in the pact formulation. Indeed there is a need of a pact, but on whose terms?

Let love take over. Let there be forgiveness. Let the spirit of festivity unite us. Enjoy responsibly.

Advocate Chadya Tapiwa Diamond is a Legal Practitioner, a Researcher, a Political Analyst-cum-Activist who is passionate about democracy, governance and human rights, labour and migrants rights. He is a man after God's heart like King David. He read law the University of KwaZulu Natal. He concomitantly lives in the Natal Midlands and Centurion. He can be contacted on 27 (0)84 566 2756 or email him at,or twitter @mantronieqscie or like Tapiwa Diamond Chadya on facebook. He writes in his own personal capacity.

Source - Advocate Tapiwa Diamond Chadya