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Police launch national WhatsApp hotline

by Stephen Jakes
18 Mar 2017 at 12:29hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Republic Police recently also launched a national WhatsApp hotline where members of the public can register their complaints to the police via Whatsapp. The ZRP National Whatsapp hotline number is +263782475000.

Anyone who feels cheated has a right to call the National Complaints Hotline on +263(0)47036311 where their complaints will be attended to immediately.

Meanwhile, below is a list of OFFICIAL fines that guilty motorists must pay as far as Zimbabwe Government's Traffic Regulations are concerned.

I recommend that you print this charge sheet and keep it in your car.


Fail to Display current vehicle licence: $5

Fail to produce documents within 7 days to Police: $5

Fail to produce documents within 7 days to VID: $10

Licence vehicle registered vehicle-all classes: $10

Fail to Display registration mark and Number Plate OR its illegible: $10

Fail to Notify change of ownership – 14 days:$10

No Number plate: $10

No rear Number plate light: $5

No Drivers licence: $20

No Insurance: $10

No white front reflectors: $5

No red read reflectors: $5

No red ‘T' on rear trailer: $10

Motor vehicle + Trailer longer than 8 Mt: $5

No amber side reflectors @ 4mt – each: $5

No red triangles: $15

No horn, fail to use or abuse horn: $10

No Stopping, No parking, no left or right turn: $5

Proceed against red robot: $20

Proceed against amber robot: $10

Encroach over white line at a robot: $10

Fail to stop at flash lights – Railway crossing: $20

Overtaking over solid white line: $20

Double parking: $5

Stop or park within 7.5 mt. of intersection: $15

Fail to give way to right-uncontrolled intersection:

Cut corner when turning right: $10

Fail to:
Signal – slow down, stop turn left or right: $10

Stop – minor accident: $20

Stop – serious accident: court

No headlights, one headlight or no side lights:$5

No headlights or side lights: $10

Headlights causing dazzle: $15

No dip switch: $10

Foot brakes not working: $20

Hand brakes not working at all – max: $15

Unable to keep vehicle static when brake applied: $15

No windscreen wiper: $5

Windscreen not providing clear undistorted vision:

No exhaust silencer: $10

Inefficient exhaust silencer: $5

Causing excessive smoke: $10

Leaks of oil and fuel onto road: $5

Dangerous tyre – canvas showing – per tyre: $5

Axles Loading:
1-50: $10
51-200: $15
201-400: $20
+ 400: court

No Safety belt: $5

Spit in or from vehicle: $5

Discard rubbish fro vehicle: $5

Abusive behaviour: $10

Speeding – extra kilometres per hour:
6-15: $5
16-25: $10
26-35: $15
36-50: $20
50+: court

Production of documents 7 days:

Fail to produce Documents: $5

Fail to produce Drivers licence: $20

Fail to produce Insurance: $5

Fail to produce Registration book to VID $10

Police Officers must give rank, name and number.

Spot fines – Form Z69(j) Admission of Guilt.
Form 265 to pay fine at police station within 7

Senior Inspector PHIRI: Public Relations. Nat.
Line: 04 703 631 (24 hr service)

Senior Inspector NCUBE: 077 2719 730 or
071 2769 768
Senior Inspector KANGWARE: 071 2415 491
Spokesperson Traffic Inspector CHIGOME:
0772 965 030

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